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Fawn Chang
Interior Designer
Feng Shui Expert
Color & Trending Expert
International Keynote Speaker

Masterful perspective that changes lives.  

Fawn’s “eyes on” sets your project for the win for human nourishment.  

Beyond biophilia, Fawn’s understanding of the Human Mind/Body/Spirit/Space interaction catapults your designs into the the healing environments our bodies require.  

Working with you or your team, Fawn consults, coaches or designs along with Design Professionals, Architects, Designers, Real Estate & Stagers and Individuals who want a better life, more ease, better health and more freedom. 

Color, Layout, Design & Feng Shui –  Simple SHIFTS are the most powerful. 


The How-To
Design for Health & Well-being

Fawn Chang

The Gentle SHIFT shows how our lives, health, success and happiness are daily confounded by stress anchored in our spaces.

Beyond biophilia, this book is the disrupter in the field of health and design. 

For professionals and non-professionals, written in beautiful conversational style, with hundreds of graphics and images, understand how the human body reads all aspects of design, color, layout and which gentle shifts to make to net the greatest outcome. 


Master Classes in Human-Centered Design & Human-Centered Color 


The unique FawnShui method delivers practical, powerful perspective to make simple shifts to change behaviour and lives. 

Learn how the human body and brain respond to spaces, and how to implement simple shifts encompassing all design styles and all human spaces.     

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Become Human-Centered Color Expert

Live & Online

 Human-Centric Color & Design 

Color is powerful. Color is Creating our Lives.

Marketers know this!  Wouldn’t you want to KNOW it also? 

Learn how to masterfully use colors in spaces to create health, well-being, and subconsciously inspire the outcomes and behaviour desired.

Wouldn’t  you want yourself, family, and clients to be the BEST version of themselves?

Learn to be Color Confident

Human-Centered Color is one course in the Human-Centered Design Certification. 

Add well-being and color design:
to your own spaces
to your Design, Architecture, or Staging  practice
or to create a business in Color Consulting.

 Join us  

Become Color Confident!


Seminars & Speaking

Timely and inspiring, Fawn’s talks empower & change lives. 

Virtual presentations include AIA & IDCEC accredited Health, Safety & Wellness CEUs, Corporate and Human Resources.  (In-person presentations when possible.)

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