“There is no such thing as a neutral place.  What we live and work within either enhances or erodes our capacity to thrive.” 


The Gentle SHIFT - How-To Design for Health & Well-being

by Fawn Chang

The Gentle SHIFT is the disrupter in the field of design for wellness and well-being.  

Our lives, health, success and happiness are daily confounded by stress anchored in our designs and our spaces.  Understand how to make The Gentle SHIFT to longevity, vitality and success.  

It’s vital to understand the human mind and body in order to design for human wellbeing.  Learn to use what marketers and manufacturers know about addressing the unconscious mind, the subliminal 95% of the information that drives our behavior. 

Learn how the human body reads all aspects of design, color, layout and responds with behavior.  Learn which gentle shifts to make to have the outcome of robust immunity, vitality and longevity, community well-being, effectiveness and success. 

Written in beautiful conversational style, with hundreds of graphics and images, and delightful humor. 

For professionals and non-professionals. 


Human-Centered Design, Consulting, Training & Advisory

Fawn Chang
Interior Designer
Color Marketing & Trending Expert
International Keynote Speaker
Author: The Gentle SHIFT, Health, Safety & Wellness Professional CEUs

Masterful Design SHIFTS that changes lives.

Based in Science, Neuroscience, what Neuro-Marketers and Manufactures know about the human unconscious and how to drive behavior, you now have the keys to make simple SHIFTS that address the 95% of our brains that unconsciously drive our behavior.  

Design and Architecture are creating your behavior right now.  At the intersection of the Human Mind/Body/Spirit/Space,  simple changes will catapult your designs into the the healing environments our bodies require.

Step into the $1.75 trillion industry of Wellness Economy and Wellness Real Estate.  Join a CEU presentation, take a course or become CERTIFIED to design for Human Health and Wellbeing.  

Want a better life? We make simple shifts to create more ease, robust immunity, better vitality and more freedom.

Seminars & Speaking

Timely and inspiring, Fawn’s talks empower & change lives. 

Virtual presentations include AIA & IDCEC accredited Health, Safety & Wellness CEUs, Corporate and Human Resources.  (In-person presentations when possible.)

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