“There is no such thing as a neutral place…  

          “The places we live and work within either
           enhance or erode our capacity to thrive.” 

Designing, Coaching, Consulting, Training & Speaking

Well-being & Regenerative Design

Let your spaces do the heavy lifting to keep you healthy and happy – with your style. 

Our environments are responsible for 95% of our decisions and behavior – unconsciously – driving the quality of our daily lives and future. 

Simple design shifts will restore health, happiness and lives. 

Fawn Chang is a full-service Design & Consulting firm. We lead our clients throughout the entire process with a focus on Human Centered, Well-being and Regenerative Design.   Design is that powerful! 

From concept to completion we provide design, space planning and renderings, selection of colors, furnishings, fixtures and finishes, even  creation of custom elements such as built-ins. 

We help you create an environment that will deliver a one-of-a-kind space tailored to support you, your health, wealth and wellbeing.

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The Gentle SHIFT
Fawn Chang

Back To College – Dorm Rooms & Success

In his book Blink, the Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell does an amazing job of indicating just how our surroundings (among other things) influence our behavior. 

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Seminars & Speaking

Timely and inspiring, Fawn’s talks empower & change lives. 

Virtual presentations and in-person. 

AIA & IDCEC accredited Health, Safety & Wellness CEUs, Corporate and Human Resources.  


Fawn Chang has signed with Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners (Beverly Hills/Toronto/New York) to represent her literary, media, and speaking endeavours. For more info contact: amorell@creativemanagementpartners.com
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The Gentle SHIFT - How-To Design for Health & Well-being

by Fawn Chang

The Gentle SHIFT is the disrupter in the field of design for wellness and well-being.  

Learn which simple shifts you can make to use the fullness of the resources within your spaces.  You’ll discover how the human body reads spaces and responds with behavior.

Written in beautiful conversational style, with hundreds of graphics and images, and delightful humor, learn which Gentle shifts you can make with design to provide the outcome of robust immunity, vitality and longevity, well-being, effectiveness and success. 


For professionals and non-professionals.