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Our environments  unconsciously drive the quality of our daily lives, relationships  and future. 

Simple design shifts will restore health, happiness and lives. 

Life was NEVER meant to be a Struggle, come thrive! 

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Timely and inspiring, Fawn’s talks empower & change lives. 

Virtual presentations and in-person. 

AIA & IDCEC accredited Health, Safety & Wellness CEUs, Corporate and Human Resources.  


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The Gentle SHIFT - How-To Design for Health & Well-being

by Fawn Chang

The Gentle SHIFT is the disrupter in the field of design for wellness and well-being.  

Learn which simple shifts you can make to use the fullness of the resources within your spaces.  You’ll discover how the human body reads spaces and responds with behavior.

Written in beautiful conversational style, with hundreds of graphics and images, and delightful humor, learn which Gentle shifts you can make with design to provide the outcome of robust immunity, vitality and longevity, well-being, effectiveness and success. 


For professionals and non-professionals.