The body's need for color is holistic... and so is Fawn's.

Color’s influence is more than visual.

Color, design and light determine how we read and respond to each other and our lives. 

Color & Design Psychology applies to every style and every space. 

Understanding the unconscious mind is paramount to designing a healing environment.  


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With Design & Color Psychology, these changes to your spaces, we will bring the health and joy back into your daily life.    

Color Design and Consulting 

Online & Virtual

Color Will Your Make Spaces Work For You

Align your spaces with your preferred outcomes … that’s how powerful Color is! 

Working with individuals and professionals, Fawn brings wisdom and simple SHIFTS to your project and spaces, makes it easy and enjoyable.  

  • Residential
    • Interior Whole Home or One Room
    • Exterior
  • Commercial 
  • Work Spaces
  • Business
  • School
  • ASD Color Palettes & Design
  • HealthCare & Clinics
  • Real Estate for Selling or Buying
  • Staging 

Become Certified
Color Confident

“Excellent! The ONLY course of its kind on the planet!”   

Become Color Confident

Taught by  Fawn Chang to audiences all over the globe now it’s HERE – online – for YOU!  

Our spaces are creating our behavior – let’s learn to design for the best version of ourselves.  

Use this in your own life, in your design or architecture practice or begin your own Color Consulting Business.    

You’ll find all the guidance within the course.  

This course is for anyone wishing to know more about the spaces we live, work, learn and love in. 

Color Marketing & Color Trending Services


Color Services for Professionals
Specifiers and Suppliers

Working in Color Marketing and Trending with Fortune 500 Companies and global suppliers for over 15 years, Fawn delivers leading edge marketing trending, consumer and professional outreach.    

  • Color Palettes for Health & Well-being 
  • Color Trending
  • Color Marketing 
  • Professional AIA/IDCEC HSW CEUs
  • Specifiers 
  • Paint Companies
  • ASD Color Palettes & Design
  • Education
  • Generational Design 
  • HealthCare & Clinics
  • Hospitality Design
  • Multi-Family Palettes and Design