Healing Homes Increase Your Health AND Your Bottom Line

“Buyers have demonstrated that they are willing to pay more for healthier built environments.”*
“Our environments play a central role in driving our health well-being… sales price premiums for wellness residential developments average 10-25% over conventional residential developments.”* 


*Global Wellness Institute

Healthy and healing homes command average of 10-25%  above other properties because those properties offer healthy benefits. 

Increase the bottom line and the long term health. 

What makes a Healthy and Healing Home?

It’s different than you might think. 

Learn what your spaces need to become a part of the next big trend:
Wellness Real Estate 

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“Fawn is an amazing compass for navigating the selling and buying of real estate. Her input was instrumental in getting us 20% more than we expected on the sale of our house. Her eye for what matters and help with staging wowed everyone who came to see our home. It was actually a joy to see space transformed without major construction and remodeling. We received multiple offers within 24 hours–each one over asking price. Coaching us through the process, she guided us through each step with grace and humor…a highly valuable, personal and NEEDED quality that doesn’t always happen in real estate! Fawn is a generous professional. Her insights into beauty and function are long term benefits I take with me to my new home. A true talent…and that’s a fact! Judy Burns, Sarasota, FL

Wellness is a $1.75 trillion dollar industry, growing at 5-10% per year.

(McKinsey & Co.)

From the Global Wellness Institute: 

Wellness Real Estate

GWI’s 2018 report, Build Well to Live Well, was the first research to size and analyze the global and regional market for wellness lifestyle real estate and communities. The study captures the central role that the built environment plays in driving our health and well-being, and it serves as an extensive resource guide for those seeking more information on how and why to build for wellness. Updated data and analysis for this sector are available in GWI’s 2021 report, The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID.

  • Wellness real estate was a $225 billion market in 2019, and it saw explosive growth during the pandemic, reaching $275 billion in 2020.
  • The pandemic has created a major shift in the construction and real estate industry toward wellness, and in 2020, wellness real estate continued to grow by over 22%, even as overall construction output shrank by 2.5%.
  • Wellness real estate was the fastest-growing sector in the wellness economy in 2020.
  • Wellness real estate represented about 2.4% of global annual construction output in 2020.
  • GWI conservatively estimates that there are over 2,300 wellness residential projects around the world (either built, partially built, or in development).
  • GWI estimates that the sales price premiums for wellness residential developments average 10-25% over conventional residential developments.