Disruptor Alert! Check out Fawn on Luann Nigara’s Podcast

Podcast Alert! Fawn a Guest On Luann Nigara's Podcast

 It was a wonderful time talking with Luann Nigara, host of The Well Designed Business and The Window Treatment For Profit Interior Design Podcasts. 

We had so much fun, let me know if listening you smile as much as I did! 

Luann is brilliant in her Well Designed Business  very real, very funny, very brilliant and so impressive in the way she takes concepts and makes them digestible. 

I think you will LOVE it!

Here is the link to the podcast:

260: Disruptor Alert: Life Was Never Meant to Be A Struggle – The Role Window Treatments Play in Our Unconscious Minds

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Here are the show notes: 

Today With Fawn Chang:

Today on Window Treatments for Profit, I am joined by Fawn Chang, a behavioral interior designer, color expert and industry insider. She is sharing how our environments impact our well-being, how window treatments play a crucial role, and how we can position ourselves as consultants for healthier living spaces. Fawn has inspired audiences around the world — teaching how the brain and body interact with our surroundings, and today she is bringing insight on how to create spaces that don’t just look beautiful, but actually enhance our health, wealth, and happiness…and how to sell them too.

Pick It Apart

[2:27] Fawn introduces ‘wellness real estate’ and how wellness window treatments can be incorporated.

[13:29] Fawn and LuAnn discuss biophilia, its positive impacts in an environment, and how window treatment professionals can capitalize on this.
[19:49] LuAnn asks Fawn how to counsel consumers on circadian rhythms and the ideal room darkening window treatments.

[24:31] Fawn explains how our bodies and subconscious minds are always reading and reacting to our environments, and the implications of the low-level stress they can cause.

[31:02] Fawn and LuAnn discuss body language and best practices when it comes to body language and sales.

[50:59] LuAnn reiterates the tools she and Fawn discussed, and shares how these can make you — the window treatment professional — more valuable to interior designers and worth a higher rate.

LuAnn and Fawn Chang’s Ah-Ha Moments

“The outside is always moving in a fashion that is more random than what we see on the our screens, right? That calms the body that puts us into our rest, restore, digest, create, and play mode. We have access to higher order thinking in our brain. We have access to the healing aspects of our body, and then…as long as it’s tracking the sunlight, our body’s rhythms can train to where they’re meant to be.” – Fawn Chang

“[In interior design] biophilia feels very normal now, but I have never ever thought about how window treatment people should be capitalizing and leveraging it.” – LuAnn Nigara

“Our body and unconscious mind is reading the environment about eight-and-a-half seconds before our thinking mind is aware…Your unconscious reads it, evaluates it, qualifies it.” – Fawn Chang

“Embracing Biophilia design and wellness design and having it as another tool in our toolbox as window treatment professionals — we’re going to be more important to interior designers. And…consumers will pay easily up to 20% more for products when wellness design is important to them…when it matters to that person, they will pay more.” – LuAnn Nigara

“We’re not trying to manipulate somebody, we’re actually trying to create a connection. That’s the whole basis of of sales, and all of this — talking about the neuroscience of having someone feel comfortable in their own house so that you can get to the next level of the sales conversation with them. It’s looking for a genuine beginning of a relationship.” – LuAnn Nigara 

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