What People are Saying About Fawn

Fawn Chang is an incredibly creative, talented designer, a polished and captivating public speaker, as well as an organized, focused project leader!

- Steve Wray,
President, CEO Lord & Evans Charleston, SC

Fawn is an amazing compass for navigating the selling and buying of real estate. Her input was instrumental in getting us 20% more than we expected on the sale of our house. Her eye for what matters and help with staging wowed everyone who came to see our home. It was actually a joy to see space transformed without major construction and remodeling. We received multiple offers within 24 hours–each one over asking price. Coaching us through the process, she guided us through each step with grace and humor…a highly valuable, personal and NEEDED quality that doesn’t always happen in real estate! Fawn is a generous professional. Her insights into beauty and function are long term benefits I take with me to my new home. A true talent…and that’s a fact!

- Judy Burns,
Sarasota, FL

Fawn, It works! I have been amazingly busy (in a good way!) since moving into my new “home” (office) – and I truly believe this is part of your gift! Thank you!

- Debbie Milani

Consulting with Fawn on our offices made a huge difference in how our staff interacted and worked, together and individually. She helped us address things that brought out the very best in each person’s ability to perform effectively and efficiently. She is a genius with color, as with a limited budget and a last minute carpet change by the landlord, Fawn was able to use color to make it look like it was a planned design. We highly recommend her.

- Jan Polansky,MBA,
Cedars Integrative Medicine Monroeville, PA

Fawn is a magician! She took a tiny difficult retail space, and made it into an attractive boutique destination in the heart of Shadyside. Our customers love to come and hang out in our comfy space. Even the guys are not put off by ornate mirrors or crystal lamps! Fawn’s knowledge of placement and design cannot be beat, or her sense of color treatment. Trust her with her extensive knowledge of Feng Shui & Design and you absolutely cannot go wrong.

- Sara Hargreaves,
Proprietor SCRIBE Fine Stationers,
Shadyside, PA

Fawn is great as a designer and also a collaborator and team member. She is brimming with her own creative ideas, all beautiful, yet also has the ability to dialogue with others, including clients, artists and builders, combining everyone's ideas synergistically to create an exciting beautiful whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, a creation that no single individual would have thought of. She is a great listener as well as a great speaker and her energy and love of her work is infectious.

- Peter Elliott, President
United Partners & Contractors. Inc. - Metals Projects Partnerships

Fawn worked her feng shui magic for my home and family. I had some clutter issues I hated to show Fawn, but she was so understanding and compassionate. She made extensive recommendations and gave me more than I was hoping for. I appreciate how Fawn was available for check-ins after our initial consultant. She contacted me to follow up on how I was implementing her suggestions. I never felt alone! Fawn gave me a new perspective on family dynamics due to feng shui issues in our home. I highly recommend Fawn to help you improve the atmosphere and energy of your home or office.

- Kelly Eckert,
President The Soulful Entrepreneur

Fawn is a detail-oriented person. She will interview the client before the beginning of the project and determine the look and feel the client wants to achieve. She works at making sure you will be happy with those results when the project is completed. She has you step back and not rush to decisions without going thru a thought process as to your choices. She has a fantastic eye for color, knows when/where to use it and allows the clients personalities emerge in their “space”. She facilitates the abilities of others working together (contractors, woodworkers, etc). It has been a wonderful journey working with her. She is very professional and truly gifted in her craft.

- Eileen Glover
J.C. Glover, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

Fawn Chang is exceptionally talented and productive in her work as a color and design consultant, with expertise in Feng Shui, that puts her at the top of the level as an instructor and practitioner. But, that is not the best about Fawn. She is personable and pleasant to work with, and Fawn is a great presenter to crowds of 10 to over 100. Her winning smile quickly connect with the audience. Standing ovations are common when she makes her presentation, and all learn and benefit. It is a pleasure to work with Fawn, thanks to her cooperative attitude and exceptional talent.

- Steve Bursten,
President, CEO Exciting Windows!

This program is so enjoyable, it’s like a Feng Shui immersion and I love that I can go at my own pace but keep on target to meet my goals and finally understand my true Life’s Purpose and finally LIVE IT! Thank you!

- Susan L.,

What a difference this has made in my entire life. Great things just keep happening. I am recommending this to everyone I know.

- B. Solomon,
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you Fawn…I just love your style, and I appreciate the way that you seem to care about people and want to help them create supportive environments (that is important to me too) . . .I am looking forward to your upcoming series. . . . you really inspire me. Thank you. Keep up the good work…you are lovely.

- Catherine Del-Col

I feel like I got way more value than what I paid for…so many great solutions. My life has changed, I've never been happier! Cheers!

- Amy E.,

…it was Awesome! Fawn shared her contagious passion for color in a very professional and perfect way to understand. She`s Great! All our customers and prospects that attended to the presentation where very happy!!! We are very Happy.

- Ing. Adrian Pereira Vidal,
Owner Pinturas Pevi,
Baja California, Mexico

If you need a designer who can make your space much more than a well-decorated environment, then Fawn is the person to call. She helps you to make the space a magnet for business and a haven for you during the off hours. Her use of Feng Shui creates the best possible outcome, so that when people enter your space, they can’t help but remark how good it feels as well as how good it looks. She is at the top of her field, as a professional and as a person. I would highly recommend her for any position in decorating and/or Feng Shui.

- Nancy Mramor, PhD

My spouse felt that it was time to kick start our life and add elements of Feng Shui into our home. If that is the desire then the need is for an expert at these things and FAWN is a master. A master she is and she brings a down to earth sensibility and practicality in the process. After a 4 hour conversation ( you need that time if not more) it became apparent that we needed to make some changes in our furniture placement and lifestyle. I can honestly say that her attentiveness, her focus and her smile did change our life in a positive manner based on her recommendations. She followed up and wanted to make sure we took actions in her recommendations knowing that the first steps to growth was super important. We did not let her down.

I got more value from the notes I took during the time she spent in our home as opposed to going to Loew's and buying 4 Adirondack chairs. I understand for Fawn that this was not easy as it takes a lot of emotional and mental work to see a vision and provide recommendations based on a internal knowledge and expertise to drive growth and change in a home.

I recommend her highly and knowing she has a very busy schedule that if you can be so lucky to have her consult for you on any of her master subjects it will be money well invested.

- John Leonardelli
Senior Solutions Engineer Architect
Cyara Solutions

Fawn Chang presented yesterday’s program with 44 architects in attendance and the reception was fantastic. We had architects stay after the program for an hour to discuss color and set up follow up meetings to have color tools brought to their offices after we depleted our supply. Two major Atlanta government agencies and services requested our color tools and specs for their buildings and projects. We also received 6 more requests for office visits to update and bring our color tools and technical information. This opportunity was not easily received in the past, and Fawn’s color presentation opened the door. I have to be honest and say that since this was a color program, I really thought that these architects would have walked out mid-stream, and that they just came for lunch and their credits. That did not happen. The trends review for the various segments during the presentation had their undivided attention and afterwards all had most positive comments regarding Fawn’s knowledge of the subject and its delivery, was impressive. I want to give Ms. Chang kudos for a fantastic presentation and thanks for impressing a lot of the architects in the Atlanta Market regarding PPG Paints and its color influence.

- Carlo DiMaio,
Architectural Services Manager,
PPG Paints

Fawn Chang’s presentation style is dynamic and engaging. Her energy is magnetic and creates a safe space to allow for personal introspection to find our creative expression for the built environment. The information in the Psychology of Color presentation is more and more necessary in a world where we are craving a reconnection to nature and unplugging from everyday chaos. She explains beautifully the effect that pattern, color, and how they are applied in the built environment, have on us physiologically.

- Melanie Gibbs,
Director of Design,
Miller Paint

If you’re looking for a motivational, high energy leader in the color and design industry, you can find no better speaker/trainer/designer than Fawn Chang. Her enthusiasm and warmth capture her audience, and the depth of experience and knowledge she brings on color, design and Feng Shui assure that you are working with the best of the best. Her work ethic is very high, and she consistently performs above our expectations to help others achieve success!

- Kathy Cragg Pace
Director of In-Home Design
Smith & Noble Orange County, CA

Fawn is a fascinating orator. Her passion and authenticity are apparent in her presentations. I recommend Fawn for a company looking for a adding an element of fun to their corporate wellness program.

- Angie Piermani,
PHR Human Resources Manager Meyer,
Unkovic & Scott LLP

Fawn Chang is an expert in the art and science of color: color as it relates to environment, mood and interior design. As VP Advertising, it was my pleasure to have Fawn present color and design seminars in several of our showrooms across the country including Tampa, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. Fawn’s natural charisma and in-depth knowledge of color, interior design and Feng Shui made her a very popular speaker for our sophisticated design clientele.

- Mary Wilson,
VP Advertising Robb & Stucky

Fawn is positive, creative and a energetic woman who energizes people and color to the max!

- Steve Conrath,
CSI, CDI Architectural Manager

Fawn is a pleasure to work with, and her knowledge of color, design and Feng Shui is phenomenal! My customers thoroughly enjoyed her presentations at our local home show. I would encourage other designers to consider having Fawn do a seminar for their customers.

- Karen Essary,
Owner Exciting Windows!
Couture by Karen Custom Drapery and Blinds

Thank you so much for putting on such an informative seminar!

- Joyce Cerato
Allied ASID

Thanks very much for giving this Teleseminar. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to your upcoming webinars in August.

- Alicia Dubrawski Holistic Interior Designer