Design That Changes Lives

Each of us lives in a space that is creating our lives.  

Design, color, placement, furnishings all unconsciously drive our behaviors and responses.  With simple shifts lives change for the better.  



"Without a doubt, the best learning experience I ever had!" Ximena Bessone, Interior Designer & Artist,, Santiago, Chile

Keynote speaker & Author: The Gentle SHIFT

Speaking to audiences about the power of our environments to influence behavior, decisions, relationships and health. 

Creator of Health, Safety & Wellness Continuing Education Presentations for Professionals.  

Real Estate Services

Within moments a home or commercial property will sell itself, or become a sales effort, fraught with effort, expenses, and bargaining.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Understanding how the mind and body read spaces is vital for successful design, especially when money is on the line.  Knowing what to change and how is vital. Every moment a property languishes on the market is money flying out the windows.   

Increase the bottom line, for sellers and create spaces that buyers will be drawn to, that allow them to flourish with Feng Shui.  

Places speak a language our bodies understand. Feng Shui is an ancient system of knowledge for reading spaces as the body does. Feng Shui understands how the physical environment influences decisions, behavior and health.

Knowing which small changes will bring the greatest balance to the environment is vital. 

In just a few hours, properties have shifted, allowing deals that have closed quickly and for more than expected.  Fawn’s eye on a property, her simple recommendations and space clearing deliver amazing results.

Wellness Real Estate, the hottest trend in Real Estate. Buyers have shown they will pay 10-25% more for homes that passively nourish and inspire health. 

Learn what makes spaces qualify as Wellness Real Estate, whether selling buying or living or working in spaces we create.  

Increase the bottom line and the long term health. 

What makes a Healthy and Healing Home?

It’s different than you might think.