Life Made Easier With Beautiful Design

Design, color, placement, furnishings all unconsciously drive our behaviors and responses.  With simple shifts lives change for the better.  

Keynote speaker & Author

Sharing with your audience simple, and timely shifts that will immediately enhance lives.   

Also offering Professional Accredited CEUs for Architects, Engineers and Design Professionals.   

Powerful Consulting for Selling or Buying Real Estate

Within moments a home or commercial property will sell itself, or become a sales effort, fraught with effort, expenses, and bargaining.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Increase the bottom line for sellers and create spaces that buyers will be drawn to, that allow them to flourish with Human-Centered Design & Feng Shui. 

 In just a few hours, properties have shifted, allowing deals that have closed quickly and for more than expected.  Fawn’s eye on a property, her simple recommendations and space clearing deliver amazing results.

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