Simple, Gentle Shifts Net Lasting Results 

Starting October 2, We Launch Your Best Life

In this Live online course, we take gentle steps to align you with living what you truly desire.

  • We align you with what truly fulfills you so that everything in your life is easier:  your career, your relationships, find your tribe, your partner and your parenting.
  • We identify what is blocking you – unconscious beliefs, habits and patterns —  and we remove them.
  • We raise your vibrational set point, shift your consciousness and hone your awareness, giving you the in-the-moment tools to navigate your world and have fun doing it!
  • We anchor your desired life into your reality and into your spaces, and at the end of the program you won’t believe how amazing your life is — and you will be living it!

Once you have paid, you will receive your registration link. 

Our sessions will be each of 12 Mondays, starting October 2, at 11:00 am Eastern time.
They will be recorded and available for you forever. 

How the Program Works 

12 Weekly Live Coaching Sessions:  Mondays, Starting October 2

Each week we meet Live online and a replay will be available to you.   Each week I walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with things such as mapping out your target, defining what’s blocking you and removing it, finding your daily rhythms, tools for  improving your time management skills, strengthening your confidence, honing your focus, shifting your perception, overcoming your fears, evaluating why you are using excuses, keeping you on track and flowing,  allowing yourself to receive, partner to keep your accountability strong, your vibration high, your belief in yourself fierce and your movement towards your target joyful, expansive and unwavering.

Weekly Gentle Action Steps 

Each week you will reinforce the lessons in the videos and laser in on your personal process by writing your observations down. (I like things simple, so I kept the written work short, simple and to the point.)
You decide, go full out or go gently, either way, we get you to your target. 

Extra Monthly Live Q&A Calls With Fawn 

Every two weeks for the duration of the program, we’ll have LIVE coaching sessions. The sessions tend to be very valuable because the people on the calls are going through the same process you are.  It’s a safe, online community where we open, get clarity and clear what is being blocked.  We clear those blocks for everyone! This is where you have access to live, personal coaching from me, and get to see how someone else’s questions might give you insight into a facet of your journey that puts the sizzle and sparkle in your day!  These will be recorded for you to come back to at any time.  

Monthly Meditation/Motivational MP3s

Because it’s of utmost importance that you keep your expansive mindset strong and refrain from sinking back into old, limiting beliefs, every two weeks you’ll receive mp3s that you can listen to at your convenience as many times as you’d like. They will be full of love, light, inspiration and the wind beneath your wings! 

Why I created this program – My Intentions for you:
I created this program to: 

Reconnect You To Your Inner Power

To walk with you and unleash the
greatest part of you

To remove your overwhelm and
the unconscious blocks and beliefs that have been hidden and holding you back.

To restore you to your knowing,
your power and your joy.

Give You Back Your Universal Skills

To reconnect you to skills, tools and guidance
 to manifest your heart’s desires into your reality.  

To help you learn to masterfully
receive more from life, 
raise your expectations and
vibration to your heart’s desires
and awareness so
you can manifest your  miracles.

Bring More Joy to Your Life & Ours

To help you experience
the full magnificence 
of you,
and live what it feels like
to always live empowered.

To help you live, as you,
unique and powerful you,
in joy,
the life YOU desire and
that is meant to be yours


Revolutionary! This shifted my life and I'm so fulfilled and happy! Fawn is a Master...she is amazing! She makes things clear, easy and *drumroll* #fun! Found the love of my life, bought a beautiful house, changed my career, and just got back from 3 weeks vacation in France! We shifted what was holding me stuck and throughout each step she guided us with the most exquisite kindness and knowledge, about life, about energy, and her eye for design is impeccable. I'd still be in my old life if it weren't for her and this course!

I was stumped, going in so many different directions in my life and nothing was coming together! One session with Fawn sorted it all out and got me exactly what I was spinning my wheels trying to get to! Don't wait - do this and then pop the champagne!

I can't believe how this works. Fawn always shifts the energy around me and life gets better and better. So kind and gentle, she has the ability to see beyond the obvious to the underlying structure and make changes to my energy field and then we top it off with shifts to the environment. I don't know how she does it, but SHE always gets me to clarity and more joy. It's fun and she makes it so easy!

I had just a few questions about my new nursery design, furniture and layout and this quick session gave me exactly what I needed! Fawn was able to guide me and I am SO glad I called her. We got much more out of the layout, she recommended furniture I never would have thought of, and she recommended the perfect wall decals and colors that are beautiful! We love it and she saved us a ton of money and headaches - it's beautiful and we could relax and enjoy the baby!

We were completely stumped on the colors for our remodel, and so many other decisions we were overwhelmed. Fawn was so great, she took us through the process, helped us know which questions we needed to ask our contractors, and even helped us make simple little shifts to a few aspects of our design that would have been a nightmare for our grandchildren and dog. She was amazing! Our home would NOT have turned out to be so beautiful and supportive if we didn't call Fawn.