LifeSurfing™ Vision Board Workshop 2024

There is only 1 thing
preventing your joyful, successful, happy life
and that is
your unconscious mind patterns and programs.


This class is like no other:

You will see how to easily define and be living your heart’s desires

We clear the unconscious blocks

We create your vision board and make changes to your spaces as well. 



Rather than stress and struggle, come relax into the power within you, where life becomes gentle, playful and wildly enjoyable.


Virtual Workshop


In this intimate and personal  Vision Board class:

  • You will become clear of your passion, what you truly desire, and how to make it your reality
  • Learn to speak directly to your unconscious mind
  • Bring to life what you have been hoping is possible for you, but has been out of reach.
  • We’ll create your  Vision Mood Board 
  • Learn simple tips to reset your environments (your IRL vision board) so that everything is working in your best interest!
  • We’ll also clear unconscious blocks as we go, get your Mind/Body/Spirit/Space working for you to make your stepping into that glorious future an easier reality.