Consulting and Fees

Human-Centric Design Consulting and Coaching

Color Palette & Consultation

Color has an immediate and lasting impact on our lives.
Refresh your existing color scheme or begin a new project, together we will establish your optimal color palette and discover where to place colors for the best result.


Design Consultation & Coaching

Professional help will make all the difference.
At any point in your project, get Fawn’s professional opinion which will save you not only time and money but will allow you to enjoy the many decisions knowing you have a guide helping you make the best choices for the best enjoyment.


Feng Shui Analysis

Subtle changes make valuable and lasting impact.
Use the wisdom available to you to make shifts that will foster health, productivity, harmony and wealth for you, your family, your clients and your life. On-site or distance evaluation and recommendations. 1500 sq. ft. home takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


For Professionals

Incorporate Feng Shui Principles into your clients’ project without having to master years of study.
From site selection advisement to Blueprint analysis, color and design impact study, to materials recommendations, bring extra value to your projects and your clients


Relationship Dynamics

Primary to the success of any endeavor is our ability to successfully relate with the people with whom we live and work.

Everything is a relationship. You with your environment, you with your significant other, you with anyone you encounter. Learn your own unique energy, what supports you and what drains you. Learn how to make simple shifts in the space you occupy to support your relationships, or to finally connect with those who share your vision and ideals. Understand and foster the unique talents of each team member while harmonizing a workplace that allows individual focus and creative collaboration.


Workplace Dynamics

Discover the unique energy, gifts and talents of each member of your staff and provide the environment in which each will thrive and contribute to the goals of the company.
Report defines energies, collaboration insights, and recommendations to harmonize each individual as well as the entire group.


Family Dynamics

Simple changes can make the biggest difference. Learn how to support each family member and create a home that will bring more happiness easily to your household.


Design Services: Home or Business, Commercial, Retail

Full-Service Interior Design Available
Contact Fawn for details.