Get on with your best life!  

Simple shifts 
will change your life.

Personal, clarifying and fun it’s time you begin to 

We expertly get you to clarity, remove the blocks and set your path clearly. 

We address a current or even long-term challenge or problem.

You leave your session with freshness and joy for your life.

You get the perfect solution and accomplishable action steps.

 In even just one session – 
we get you out of the overwhelm 

Wherever you are stuck, stop the looping and start living your best life. 
Because everything is interconnected, every aspect of your life can easily be shifted. 

We discover and release your personal, unconscious blocks, even in just one session!


Access your inner power harness your environment!

 I’ll teach you how your spaces can be easily shifted to
make life, living, loving and working
easier more profitable and more enjoyable. 


With your style, your colors, your budget of time, energy and money. 


Gentle Shifts no matter where you are... virtual or in person!

Fawn is a Master...she is amazing! ! I don't know what my life would be like if I hadn't worked with her. She makes things clear, easy and fun! She helped us with our relationship which is now better than ever, she helped us sell our house and design our new house which is beautiful. Throughout each step she guided us with the most exquisite kindness and knowledge, about life, about energy, and her eye for design is impeccable. I treasure her and her guidance.

I was stumped, going in so many different directions in my life and nothing was coming together! One session with Fawn sorted it all out and got me exactly what I was spinning my wheels trying to get to! Don't wait - do this and then pop the champagne!

I can't believe how this works. Fawn always shifts the energy around me and life gets better and better. So kind and gentle, she has the ability to see beyond the obvious to the underlying structure and make changes to my energy field and then we top it off with shifts to the environment. I don't know how she does it, but SHE always gets me to clarity and more joy. It's fun and she makes it so easy!

I had just a few questions about my new nursery design, furniture and layout and this quick session gave me exactly what I needed! Fawn was able to guide me and I am SO glad I called her. We got much more out of the layout, she recommended furniture I never would have thought of, and she recommended the perfect wall decals and colors that are beautiful! We love it and she saved us a ton of money and headaches - it's beautiful and we could relax and enjoy the baby!

We were completely stumped on the colors for our remodel, and so many other decisions we were overwhelmed. Fawn was so great, she took us through the process, helped us know which questions we needed to ask our contractors, and even helped us make simple little shifts to a few aspects of our design that would have been a nightmare for our grandchildren and dog. She was amazing! Our home would NOT have turned out to be so beautiful and supportive if we didn't call Fawn.