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April 28, 10:00 am CST

Color Trends & Color Psychology 2021/22

Our world and our spaces will never be the same, and that could be wonderful. Our need for Color is deeper and more timely.   Learn the current and future Global Mega Trends and how they influence Color, Design and Living in our Built Environments. We explore color psychology and the impact design and color have in creating behavior, WFH, Learn from Home, the future of Work and Life.

AIA & IDCEC accredited HSW CEU

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April 28-April 30
Fawn is Co-Hosting

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April 28, 2:45 EST
Using Color & Design to Subconsciously Influence Human Behavior 
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Keynotes to workshops, talks to professional lunch and learns, Fawn is unparalleled in her ability to inspire and educate audiences, re-igniting their passion for their own capacity to engage the power in their spaces which will nourish their relationships, careers, and life.

Bringing together ancient wisdom, current scientific study and modern design sensibilities, all with a healthy dose of humor Fawn’s talks focus upon the ability of our environments to shape our lives, how color and color schemes promote behavior, how to change our spaces to vibrantly return to our core of joy and passion.

Fawn weaves together unprecedented design wisdom to re-inspire audiences in with immediately recognizable and implementable tips and tools to activate their own human brilliance.

With genuine thoughtfulness, approachability and fresh insights resonate with audiences and move them to action! Fawn’s personal warmth and significant substantive knowledge on how to design spaces to foster human brilliance includes Feng Shui, Color & Color Marketing, Interior Design, and more and offers practical tools for immediate application.

Practical HOW TO’s to make simple changes that result in long-term healthy, effective and prosperous lives.  She illustrates how and why the physical environment impacts our lives, health, wealth and happiness. Audiences leave excited about the possibilities they can uncover in their own homes, offices and lives. Her talks explain how to effectively utilize color, design and placement to enrich lives and spaces.