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Sharing the power and impact of color and design on human health and behavior. 
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The following presentations are Health, Safety, Wellness CEUs.  
If you would like a topic relevant to your group or industry, please reach out to Fawn at Fawn@FawnChang.com

2023 Color Trends

Design Psychology for Healthy Lives

Color Perspectives and Health

Design to Subconsiously Influence Human Behavior

How To Use Color In Space

Designing a Wellness Environment

Fawn is unparalleled in her ability to engage, inspire and educate audiences, re-igniting their passion for their own capacity to engage the power in their spaces which will nourish their relationships, careers, and life.

Fawn weaves together current scientific research, modern design sensibilities, ancient body wisdom, all with a healthy dose of humor.

Fawn’s talks focus upon the ability of our environments to shape our lives. She explains  how color and design promote behavior, more importantly how to change our spaces to  return to our core of joy, vibrant health and passion.

With genuine thoughtfulness, approachability and fresh insights, Fawn delivers easily implementable tips and trick that resonate with audiences and move them to action!

Fawn’s personal warmth, kindness and significant substantive knowledge inspire audiences, who leave excited about the possibilities and power they can uncover in their own homes, offices and lives.