About Fawn Chang

Human Centered Design Empowers Lives



Behavioral Interior Designer ~ Color Trending/Marketing Expert  
Design Psychology Expert
Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Author ~ International Keynote Speaker

Fawn’s passion is people and she knows that life was NEVER meant to be a struggle.  Using neuroscience, she shows how the human spirit in each of us is confounded by what is in our environment, which speaks to the unconscious mind creating our behavior.  Our true nature begs to be brought forth but is locked within our environments.  

Fawn Chang is a Keynote Speaker, International Interior Designer, Color Marketing and Trending Expert and a Feng Shui Expert.  A former Medical Practice Administrator and teacher, Fawn’s presentations bring together neurophysiology and design with conversational style, humor and actionable takeaways. Significantly, she was the designer on a multi-state study to determine the influence of color on students’ engagement with incredible results, moving students and teachers from 50% engagement to 100% engagement just with the use and designed placement of wall color.    

For nearly 30 years, Fawn has been demonstrating how and why our lives are directly affected by the places we live, work, learn, heal and more. Her designs have been the leading edge of the trend to live a healthier and happier life through conscious design of the built environments in which we live, work, play and heal.

Fawn’s  international design practice has changed lives of thousands by changing the spaces in which they live and work.    

Fawn is represented by Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners (Beverly Hills/Toronto/New York) to represent her literary, media, and speaking endeavours. For more info contact: amorell@creativemanagementpartners.com

An Interior Designer, Design Psychology Expert, and Color Marketing and Trending Expert, Fawn is an industry insider,  on the cutting edge of the latest colour and design trends. 

Fawn writes Health, Safety & Wellness Certified CEU approved seminars and workshops for delivery to design professionals, architects (AIA Certified)  interior designers (IDCEC Certified), builders and general audiences.  Fawn works with the world’s foremost paint companies to help audiences understand the power and impact of color and design in their lives.  Fawn works with  Color Guild International and their many independent paint companies globally.

With over 2500 presentations delivered to audiences internationally, Fawn inspires and shifts perceptions.  She has a remarkable ability to make colour, design psychology making it all  enjoyable, approachable and understandable.

Fawn delivers easily digestible, practical and easy-to-implement actionable tips and tools, backed by modern science, ready for immediate application.

Her widely varied background includes Medical Practice Administration for a large (40K+ patients, 3 hospitals) Ophthalmology Practice, Fine Art and IT, teaching and developing curriculum K-8.  Fawn also worked with University of Chicago, National Science Foundation and Rose Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan as project lead and writer, developing an exhibit to explain the science of DASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer) which measures the Cosmic Microwave Background from Antarctica, for delivery to general audiences understandable at a 5th grade level.

Her message has taken her all over the world, speaking to audiences and design industry conferences including: IDS West, AIA, ASID, IDCEC, NKBA, CDECA, CODI and more.  She has lectured at Washington State University, Auburn University, University of Akron, University of Utah, the Art Institutes, LaRoche College, the Chautauqua Institution, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Osher Institute, University of Nevada Osher Institute and many others.

Welcome to a new way of designing and living your life.

For information about how to book Fawn for your Company or your audience contact:

Alan Morell
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