Harmony In Nature

Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.

Sacred Geometry

Underlying all life is a structured geometry existing in everything from snowflakes and flower petals to the strands of your DNA and the cornea of your eye. Sacred because this geometry marks the nexus between spirit and matter.


All nature is based on harmony, rhythm and relationship.  Harmonious proportions and relationships create a sub-audible but tangible symphonic environment tuned perfectly to your own nature which can fuel your life, career, relationships and purpose.


The shapes, proportions and colors around us create a resonant vibration that is either harmonious or discordant. Similar to the way that plucking a single string in the orchestra will initiate each other string to vibrate at that note, employing the wisdom and knowledge of sacred geometry begins to make small shifts that create the tone and context for health and vitality which resonates to our very being, body, mind, spirit and soul.


This beautiful video by Dearing Wang may begin to show you the connection and codes that create life and living.  

Incorporating Sacred Geometry principles in all of her design work – from spaces, furniture, and window treatments to textiles, lighting, and accessories, Fawn helps your spaces set the tone for your brilliant life.