When life goes sideways, it’s time to yell “PLOT TWIST!” Take Action and Laugh

After the “plot twist” in any story is when something magical usually happens: new resolve, new awareness, better relationship, a newfound super-power, the “better way” shows up, freedom and freshness and woo-hoo…sound like a “chick flick”? Sign me up!

Take any action:

  • Move your body, shake it off like a dog, stretch it out like a cat
  • Seek the Adventure (Science says this is a key to success)
  • Clean something
  • Let go of
    • whatever doesn’t feel right anymore
    • whatever doesn’t align with the life you’d rather be living
    • self-doubt and self-judgement – LET GO OF THAT!!
    • drama and trauma…and fear
  • Zoom out — and know you got this — everything is “figure-out-able”
  • Ask a question
    • “What is true and beautiful in this moment, right now?”
    • “What is great about this that I am not yet seeing?”
    • “What do I need right now?”
  • Allow yourself to grieve – See * below.
  • Do something different and do something “normal.” 
    • Feel centered and grounded, even if it means screaming into a pillow to let out the pent up energy. 

Check your Spaces

Are you in the Power Position?

  • Furthest in the room, back protected, view of the room, view of door but not across from it, space around both sides of the desk and something beautiful in front to look at.
  • Your desk, your chair, your bed should all be in the Power Position.

What needs to go?

  • Change your bed, your pillows and sheets, clean your bedroom.  Light a candle, clean your windows, open them and invite fresh air.  Smile.  Look around: what is really soothing?  What is a speed-bump of old stuff?  You know, your body knows.  Choose you and let go of the old and worn and unhappy stuff.
  • Clean your bathroom thoroughly – this room signals nourishment to your body, promoting self-care and letting go.  Clean the mirror, discard everything older than 1 month, put your toothbrush in the dishwasher or get a new one. Check your towels for beauty (cut any pulls, throw away damaged or overly worn ones, send them to the animal shelter or the cleaning bin).
  • Clear out a small (or large) part of your work space.  Your work area is a great place to start.  Clean a bit or the entire space. Walk away-move your body-take a shower and come back.  The freshness will inspire you with a new perspective and a new idea to chose something new for yourself.

Create beauty

  • The body responds to spaces…up to 7 seconds before the conscious mind. That’s a LONG time of responding to things that the body reads as “dangerous” or “restoring”.
  • Beauty is vital to living a healthy life.
  • To the body beauty translates as:
    • Organization, open space, calm, rounded edges, smooth traffic flow, soft sounds, silence and time are all indications to the body that creativity can happen.  We are either “surviving” or “thriving” –that’s the body’s menu. Your spaces can be made to shift your body into “thrive mode” easily by bringing in BEAUTY.
  • Paint your favorite color on a wall, two walls, in the closet or inside the drawers.  Choose a bedroom color that fosters great sleep or great intimacy (the keystones to great health).

*Grieve & Release Emotions

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lung, Liver and Large Intestine are the organs that release the toxins from our lives.  Lung in particular gets clogged when we don’t release GRIEF.  Try this exercise to help lungs, diaphragm and fascia get unstuck.

  • Grief is important to the body’s health. Without it, we get stuck and sick. It allows us to begin to flow again after we have disentangled from the loss of what we once had and loved. Then we can pick up and create again.  
  • Acknowledge the loss, agree that it’s not here now, feel the denial, anger, acceptance and release. 
  • If you are ready, ask what you gained from having it. 
  • Move your body, scream into a pillow, punch the bed, move the stuck energy out of your body in a healthy way.
  • Consider asking, “what else is possible? How does it get better than this?”  A weird thing happens when you do this, in a moment or two a thought will come to you, perhaps one that you would not have found otherwise. Let your intuition show you.     

Can you add to this list? Which are your most likely “to do” or favorites? Let me know!!!

Sending you joy and trust that YOU GOT THIS!