“If You Only Do This One Exercise It Could Be Enough”


“Everything is Interconnected” is one of the fundamental Feng Shui principles.  Home is an energy metaphor for your body.

I discovered this again in a most unappealing way recently which led me to do a web search for “moving stuck energy.”

Caring for my aged parents recently was particularly stressful; so much so that I gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks…despite eating well and more lightly than usual.  Elongated stress, even low level stress, is a silent killer.

Everything is interconnected?  Yes.  My personal mission is to help others see and re-design spaces to open to life by removing environmental stress, I have to share this finding with you.

As our spaces are also metaphors for the energy in our bodies and vice versa, it was no surprise that on one of the last days I was tending to my parents, the septic tank backed up due to a blockage.  Yikes and yuck.

The correlation wasn’t lost on me.  The house part was easy to repair that but the question was: how do I easily repair my own body’s issues?

Now comes the exciting part:

A quick web search netted this simple, simple, elegant, did I say “simple” Qi Gong exercise that helped me immediately feel better and bonus: remove the excess temporary weight in less than 1/2 the time it took to put it on.  Our bodies are amazing.   Thank you, Kim Alyce Steffgen and ChangeYourEnergy.com   The article is informative and the exercise is about 3/4 of the way down the “page.”

Get Stuck Energy Moving

I have since learned from my own health care practitioners that, “if you only do this one exercise the rest of your life, it will be enough.”

I can see how this could be true.

100 belly breaths as described in the link below opened up energy fields in my body that I couldn’t have imagined.

I could feel my abdominals stronger after just 3 days, I could feel my shoulders and neck pain relax tremendously, my joints feel open and clear, my hands and feet have more vibrancy and my sinuses, vision and hearing are clear and keep getting more clear, every core muscle including my lungs and heart is free, fresh and open.

Just Keep Going

It’s my style to push through difficulties toward the end goal.  What I noted was that as I proceeded through the 100 breaths, I sometimes wanted to stop but persisted.  Sometimes I was confronted with thoughts that I hadn’t thought in decades.  I noted them, released them and returned to the breathing.

This rhythmic not overly exerted breathing allowed something really weird to happen: my hands and feet came alive and tingled, my breathing became like a snore (weird but was releasing blocks from belly to brain).  I could feel every muscle tense and release.  Energy was moving!

The belly patting after the breaths is a significant piece of the exercise and not to be missed…afterward it’s like floating on a cloud when you are done.

Everything is interconnected: the fascia, dura and organs of our body get stressed, adhere, become torqued and tense and this causes all manner of discomfort.  But I have learned that with just this breath exercise  at least for me, things have opened up!   (This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider with any questions about your medical condition.)  

Here is the link to the explanation and full exercise:


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