Design is not a static, disconnected event.  Color is not a separate commodity.  We live in a sea of light, color and energy. Our spaces are more than a container for our lives, more than merely a collection of materials, furnishings and colors. The spaces we design will hinder or help us achieve our goals for life, work, health and relationships.

Welcome to a new paradigm in design as it is seen as a powerful key to help unlock human health, safety and wellness.

Are you ready to step into your life? What if it really IS that simple: to change lives by changing spaces?

Each space we enter, live and work, our spaces direct our behavior. They either drain us or fill us with energy…shouldn’t it be the energy you need to live a more passionate, beautiful, successful and fulfilled life…it can happen!

While the overall feel and ambience of a room is the first thing you notice, creating a room in which you flourish takes a deeper, layered approach.  Understanding the subtle nature of interaction of human, light, color and placement, of position and form Fawn helps you to bring out the best in your life by making small shifts in the design of environments to support rather than drain the joy and health from them. 

Fawn’s design and consulting combines her expertise in design with her masterful knowledge of Feng Shui, light and color, and human experience to provide a design that not only reflects and complements the intended aesthetic but also fosters well-being.  

No matter which step in the design process, new construction or redesign, commercial or residential, or whether you need full-scale design consulting — from concept to implementation – or advice on a project already in place, Fawn’s aesthetic and artistic talents are acclaimed for making her clients’ visions for their lives become reality – while staying on budget.

At any point in a design project, Fawn’s wisdom, creativity and practicality will immeasurably enhance the design, often saving money and time, and always positively influencing the people who will be using the space.