LifeSurfing™ Vision Board Workshop


Virtual Workshop – Online with Live Support

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There is only 1 thing preventing your joyful, successful, happy life: your unconscious mind patterns and programs.


Rather than stress and struggle, come relax into the power within you, where life becomes gentle, playful and wildly enjoyable.

  • You will be amazed at how easy it is to create the life you would love to experience
  • Learn to speak directly to your unconscious mind
  • Bring to life what you have been hoping is possible for you, but has been out of reach.
  • Learn the most important steps to create your  Vision Mood Board
  • Learn a simple tricks & tips to reset your visual environments so that everything is working in your best interest!
  • We’ll also clear unconscious blocks as we go, get your Mind/Body/Spirit/Space working for you to make your stepping into that glorious future an easier reality.



Also exciting:

LifeSurfing™ 12-Week Live Group Coaching Course begins January 22, 2024

In the 12-week Live Group Coaching Course, we go gently deeper, resetting you into your full TRUTH and Power, the place of your unlimited resource of passion, health and joy.

  • We restore YOU to your inherent Natural Wisdom
  • We connect you with easy tools to use to reset – easier than Mindset! (The environment dictates mindset – come learn an easier way to flourish)
  • We remove -YES REMOVE- unconscious blocks
  • We discover and make simple shifts in your environment to repattern your unconscious mind.

Life Was NEVER Meant to be A Struggle – Your physiology is proof!

Come relax into your Innate Empowered  Self, reset your spaces and life becomes play for you to create from your confidence and joy.

Join us!

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