Color to the Rescue: Design Changes Lives

Kid hand soapen

Once again, color and design offer a unique and helpful answer!

Of course color is Fun!  It brings out the kid in all of us.

This is what three Parson’s School of Design graduates used to develop the socially transformative SoaPen counting on the fact that kids LOVE color and LOVE to color their bodies.

Hand Sanitizers are known to reduce the natural immunity of children as the powerful ingredients kill the good and bad bacteria.  A majority of parents and schools, hospitals and public buildings are now depending on sanitizers when natural soap (with essential oils) and water can do a better, and healthier job of removing dirt and germs.

Using natural cleansers such as essential oils (lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, lavender, etc.) baking soda and white vinegar rather than harsh petro-chemical cleaners will support the immune system and remove harmful bacteria.

For young kids the genius SoaPen can make handwashing fun and have a significant impact on environments to provide a healthy and clean space that doesn’t further challenge immunity.  For anyone, the SoaPen can bring a smile and clean hands without the harmful effects of hand sanitizers.

I have reached out to SoaPen’s developers to ask about the ingredients…I always check ingredients because I would never put on my skin (or my children’s skin) what I wouldn’t put in my mouth.  I’ll update this post when I hear from them. 

Soap pen colorsCurrently available in 3 colors, and will soon be available in more.

According to the developers SoaPen is:

  • Playful: Easy for parents and kids, hand washing is no longer a chore with SoaPen. It’s simplicity and playfulness makes kids want to hand wash at every opportunity, as they’re excited by the variety of colors and endless patterns they can draw!
  • Portable: SoaPen’s compact size makes it perfect for portability. Replace your sanitizer with a SoaPen, as sanitizers are known to weaken your immune system since the powerful ingredients kill both the bad and good bacteria.
  • No Mess: Compared to a pump bottle which can get messy, SoaPen’s roll-on method is spill-proof. SoaPen is easy to wash off, even if you accidentally color your clothes!

I vote YES for SoaPen and for Color leading the charge for a healthy and happy world.

SoaPen was funded by  “the founding team of three industrial designers, met while studying at the Parsons School of Design in New York and conceptualized SoaPen in the summer of 2015 right after graduating. Passionate about working in the social innovation sphere, they learnt of the grave hygiene barriers in developing countries through the Wearables for Good Challenge by UNICEF, frog design and ARM technology.”

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