Your Heart’s Desire: This is Easy

Image from Dolphin Heart Healing Website. Thank you.

Once I realized this, my world changed for me.  This simple fact opened my eyes, mind, and spirit to more possibilities than I thought ever possible.  I have to share it, and then everything after this, becomes making space for that thing that is your Heart’s desire.

First a few questions:

If, just say IF, you could have anything that you want–absolutely ANYTHING…what would it be?

  • If, IF you can–write a list without editing it for plausibility, possibility, ‘reality’ or any other qualification, do that, now if you can.  Write down at least 3 things that you really, really want.
  • As you are writing this list, do you have the sense of excitement?  Of fantasy?  Of dreams and fun?  Are you smiling?  Do you have a warm and open feeling in your heart?  Is the life force coming back into your body?
  • Hold the thought/feeling of living that.  Try to keep it what YOU want for YOU–what YOU want to feel, smell, see, be doing and try to not place faces on the people you’d be doing it with–just as an exercise for now.

Now:  Here’s the Secret.

Whatever that is that makes you smile, feel ‘in love’, makes your heart soar is precisely what you are supposed to be living on this Earth–it is yours, it is your special assignment and it is precisely that which you are supposed to be living.

You see, there will be no other story like this on the planet and you are supposed to be living it.  It is your Heart’s desire and YOUR HEART is your connection and conduit, the communication center from your SOURCE to your world.

To deny that, to manipulate it, to manage it, or to assign someone else’s idea of ‘reality’ to overshadow or give it a box is one of the greatest mis-alignments that occurs in the world.

How it is Working Recently for Me

This week I announced that I was making a major change in my life.  I am packing my house in Pittsburgh, placing it in storage and moving to California.  It feels right, it’s scarey and it’s exciting at the same time.  My heart feels open when I think about it and when I daydream I can create all manner of wonderful experiences for work, play, contribution and joy but another part of me wants to be scared, say it’s stupid, what if…’you’ll be so far from your sons (they are in college in Cleveland) etc.  It’s hard, it’s important and it natural.

One night this week, after being exhausted from packing, working and managing life and my fears, I lay on my bed filled with doubt.  [That is an important clue: when you are tired and/or hungry the fear and doubt comes alive.]   I asked for Guidance and Help.  I opened my email on my phone and there was a message from Laura Day, author of Practical Intuition, The Cirlce and others.  I respect her because she is real, has helped validate intuition as a part of the human experience; makes it accessible and practical.  The email read:  We Change Our Patterns to Reflect our New Reality.   It was the message I needed.  I knew I’d read her book again the next day.   Laura Day’s Blog

Making Changes to Allow Your New Reality

Well, the next day I awoke and had to get right to work.  I began feeling overwhelmed, tugged by sadness of leaving the hometown that I love, the people I love, the life I built and wondered what on EARTH am I doing?  In Laura’s email, she mentioned that she answers every email herself, that if you’d like to schedule an appointment with her, you’d probably have to wait a while because the emails she reads first are those requesting help and healing.  I decided to allow myself to be supported, took a chance and requested help.  Within 5 minutes of pressing SEND, I got the email from Laura herself saying:  “I’m sending you energy now.”  I couldn’t believe it.  I sat still and allowed this powerful woman to send me a  booster shot of  energy.  All she asked was that I include her in my CIRCLE.  (Wow!)

Here’s the Important Part: Our ‘reality’ can be changed at any time.

However it became defined for us, we live in a “reality.”  A particular reality permeates our thoughts, our feelings, days, our atoms  and our spaces.

It’s more likely to change quickly when you do these things:

  1. Discover and know to your Heart’s desire.    I recommend The Circle,and I highly recommend Laura Day, as does CNN, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt and many other people who know and love her. You can download the Practical Intuition, Sonia Choquette’s Diary of A Psychic or anyone else you are lead to read or learn from to build your trust in your own connection that is unique to you.  This is not about following someone else’s guidance or program!  It’s about learning to find YOUR OWN CONNECTION to the wisdom that is within you.  Remember this: your Heart is your link, your desire is your assignment and birthright, and you are always guided back to it when you allow yourself to follow the soft, subtle voice inside you.  Sometimes we get far, far astray but we can always come back.
  2. Be vigilant about watching your thoughts and feelings.  Notice when your energy dips and climb out of the pool onto the new dry land of your New Reality.  I have always taught my classes to have a “Switch Phrase”…one that immediately takes your train of thought and puts it on the track to your Heart’s Desire.  Something like:  I am amazing!  I love the sound of Summer! I am Breathing in Love and Vibrant Health!  Anything you can think to create a mental “pop up” of something joyful.  We cannot solve the past but something likes us to think we can.  Let it go and be “passed” through your life and your body.  Validate the feelings and move them on with things like Essential Thoughtfield Therapy and more.  [Introduction to Releasing Negative Thought Patterns and Emotions at  www.]
  3. Clear the clutter from your house and office and car.  Thoughts and feelings are anchored in our spaces.
    Get the Free Clear Your Clutter eBook here.

    Clearing out the excess and the things that are emotional and psychological triggers, and setting up your spaces for happiness, uplifting expressions will have a great impact on your ability to help the world help you create Your New Reality.    I have put together in eBook format, the Clear Your Clutter Challenge that I did in cooperation with KDKA TV Pittsburgh and had tremendous success for many people.  Get the Free Clear Your Clutter eBook here.

  4. Find the space on the Bagua that aligns most with your Heart’s desire.  There may be two or even three, all things are interconnected; you can make changes to one thing and it will impact all the rest.  Start with one wish, one space and then begin.  Clear the clutter from those spaces and make them beautiful to you, organized and honored.  According to Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine, fear and  the other side of that coin: Life Force ‘live’ in our Kidneys, our Kidney energy, our Front Entrance, our doors.  Our Kidney Meridian starts at the base of our foot, a gateway to planting ourselves in our reality, firmly on the earth.  When you experience fear, it can be a sign that you are being given awareness to heed, but also, it can be that you aren’t using the energy properly and need to Breathe deeply into the exhilaration.  Open the front door daily, use it, make certain all your doors work perfectly and open completely onto a beautiful view, welcome the fresh breath of new life into your home, office, body and reality.   Allow life to flow, like gentle water through our bodies, bones, spaces and dreams.  Listen to the guidance you are being given (kidneys ‘control’ the ears).  Rest, breathe in and breathe out.  Allow yourself to make the changes that you know you need to make and for goodness sake:  welcome nourishment and support.  Come join The Circle if you’d like, we are here for you always waiting and ready to help.