Why ‘Getting out of Town’ is Necessary Medicine

I am right now in Orange County, CA.  This is a working trip that is more vital for my psyche and health than I realized.

Not in Kansas any more, (or PIttsburgh) -- the 3 mile walk through Arroyo Tiabogo was beauty beyond words.

Often times we are led to just what we need and this current medicine was prescribed from somewhere I don’t know…just like the book says (read on).  You don’t have to travel 3000 miles as I just did but sometimes following that unreasonable guidance is what leads you to magic.

What I have experienced is that a major longitudinal change give your mind, body and spirit a ‘vibrational shift’ by just a change of place.  Earth’s energies are different, Hawaii is a very feminine, soft healing place, New York is a fast, exciting masculine place, and Pittsburgh is a solid, grounded place. 

Everywhere on earth the people and the place begin to change and define each other.

Vacations or travel to distant lands isn’t for everyone, but for those who follow their guidance the journey you take enriches every atom of your being in a way that is beyond words.  It can signal to your subconscious that you are ready for a shift. It can open you up to what is alive and new.

Whenever you are reading this post, I hope that you’ll follow your inner guidance and look for the message that is meant for you.  It’s a little whisper, a soft touch feeling in your heart or body, a raise of excitement or curiousity and what I have discovered is:  if you pay attention and follow it, you will be amazed at how right it always is.

Leaving town and traveling across a few longitudes will do wonders for you.  There are a few things that you might consider though, when deciding the direction to take but that’s another story.  This trip was for work and I didn’t have much of a choice as to the location and I am glad I didn’t choose…or did I?

Listening to Intution and Following the Whisper

Okay, so my couch is 3000 miles away but I am following the bread crumbs and finding magic.

As I was leaving at 3 am, I dropped a heavy box I needed to place in my office and a book fell out of the book case.I know to pay attention to those things, you will too — it’s sometimes how my greatest intutional guidance happens.  I stuffed the book in my briefcase and off I went to make my flight.Not until today, this morning, at 6 am local time, did I open the book to a random page as I always do when I get this type of intuitive guidance [Everything Matters].

Following the ‘advice’ from the book, which didn’t cost me $10K per hour, which is the the author’s normal rate for advice, I was given the answer I needed as I dance with shifting gears in my life.

The book that jumped off my shelf is by Laura Day, a hugely successul (as I mentioned $10,000 per hour), ‘intuitive’ featured on CNN and a woman who advises major corporations and those of wealth about their investments and decisions.    Although the title sounds lofty, it’s an amazing book that I love to consult.   How to Rule the World from Your Couch.

“Keep training (your intuition).  You will have times, as I do, when intuition goes a bit south, often because you are struggling, bravely, with some new issue in your life.  It is in those times when you need this book the most.  The discipline and rigor of a methodical practice will put you back on track every time.  I use this book, as well as Welcome to Your Crisis and The Circle, every day.  Even though I wrote these books, I need to return to their pages to bring order to my own process.  Life is overwhelming at times and a system cures confusion.  I love to decoupage visual imagery on the covers or inside covers of my books so that I can engage sight in curing my subconscious and intuition to my goals.  I often scent my books and put them where I will see them, long with my journal, in my healing space.

“I hate to sound like a self-help author but life is never perfect and life is always perfect.  Use what you have now, suspending judgment, and set your targets on what you want to create.  One of my dearest friends was very successful and then went bust early in his career.  What makes him so successful now is that he learned how to recover from his own fallibility and deal with the unreliability of the world around him at such a young age.  It has also made him a very wise, intuitive and wealthy (in money, friends, and family) young man.

“I think my Achilles’ heel was that I clung to control and perfection for too long.  I got myself stuck.  It took quite a few big live knockdowns to teach me that failing is often the stimulus for something new and better.  We don’t let go easily (see Welcome to Your Crisis), even and especially of the bad things.

“Intuition will help you control and predict the world around you and get where you think you want to go far more quickly and with fewer mistakes.  Take the time, however to enjoy the weaknesses, the vulnerabilities, the “failures” that create the space for you to arrive at a success that you cannot even imagine in this moment. There is a time to lead, know, direct, and acquire and a time to let go, to allow your intuition to go on automatic pilot, keeping you safe while ceding control long enough to find yourself in new territory that you might have been too patterned, afraid or content to approach otherwise.”