Who (or What)’s Zoomin’ You? Listen Again…


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You probably have felt it…a place or a person that just drains your energy.  Sometimes we think another person is just annoying, when in fact they are but only to US! because our energies stress each other naturally.

And then there’s the opposite: a friend, colleague, place or even a color that helps us restore ourselves, take a deep breath and feel on top of our game again.


Energy that is inherent in colors, shapes and people can make us exhausted, chaotic, drain us OR it can nourish and support us.

The key is in the Ki…understanding how you are influenced by the people and things around puts the key back in your hands to take control and make simple changes, through color, shape, energy or people and know why.

Uncanny, validating and accurate.

Nine Star Ki is a simple Feng Shui system that helps me help my clients.  I want to share it with you so I recorded a Teleseminar and posted it for you.  Thousands of years old, and applicable to modern life, you’ll be amazed that there is a scientific body of information that proves what you have only felt…until now.

Free TeleSeminar tells you:

  • What makes you tick and what motivates you.
  • What and who drains and/or supports you?
  • Which Colors, Shapes, Energies do you NEED to thrive?
  • Which colors, shapes, energies, and people drain you and what to do about it!
  • Your energy and handouts with graphics and descriptions to help you.

Go ahead.  Take a listen.  You have nothing to lose, it’s free.

You have wisdom to gain…get in control of your life again.

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