What to do if you HATE Orange! Pantone’s Tangerine Tango is Color of the Year

Happy,  Alive, Sexy and Playful for  Body/Mind/Spirit/Soul 

If you HATE orange it may be because you find it difficult to play or perhaps you don’t feel you deserve the best in life.  Read on for tips to get back your MOJO!

Tangerine Tango Pantone
Pantone’s Tangerine Tango will be found this year on all the accents we love.
It’s perfect that Pantone, the industry standard for global color matching, has chosen Tangerine Tango (Pantone 18-2120) as their color of the year.

A lot of what I see on the runways across the world, and on everything from fabric, to furniture, to automotive to appliances is bright, bold color.  You’ve probably begun to see it in store windows, on models, in handbags, home furnishings and even WALL color!

But Orange?  You BET!  

Orange is a happy, social color.  It is what Carlton Wagner, of the Wagner Color Institute calls the “great declassifier”: the color that appeals to all socio-economic groups.  It makes us feel safe and one of the global community, spunky, sexy and ready for romance.

In fact, the Chinese have a warning about orange, at least the pastel version which they call “Peach Blossom Love” — if you are looking for romance outside the home, get some orange or peach in your environment. This color holds Fire energy (red) which is activating, expansive and outward moving and also carries Earth energy (yellow) which is gathering and nourishing, so you can see that the mixture of these gets things moving and brings them to you.

If you are married and want to stay that way, the Chinese recommend that you avoid ‘Peach Blossom Love”!


Orange is associated with the energy center in our bodies known as the Sacral Chakra.  This energy center is located next to your spine in the area below your belly button and flows this energy throughout your body and entire energy field.  Seven major energy centers hold different frequencies of energy associated with our ability to be fully alive in all aspects.  When our chakra energies are in balance we are free, flexible, happy, prosperous and social.

If Orange is a color that you just can’t tolerate, don’t fret.  Just ask yourself a few questions and you might be surprised at the answers:

  • Do you feel comfortable doing activities that have no purpose but enjoyment?
  • Do you feel attractive and sexy?
  • Do you feel you deserve a good life?
  • Do you feel you deserve to have what you want and need?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking for what you want?
  • Do you feel you have a healthy attitude about your right to enjoy simple pleasures, sensual gifts and sexual intimacy?
  • How often do you have a massage? Or acupuncture? A warm, fragrant cleansing bath?
  • Do you nurture yourself with a home you think is beautiful?

Nurturing our physical body helps us develop positive attitudes about our deservedness and ability to find balance between work and ease, prosperity and giving, resting and strengthening our bodies.

Book of Chakras

Learn more about your body’s energy system, how it influences physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity and how to positively influence it.  This ancient knowledge was developed in India over 25,000 years ago.  Check out:  The Book of Chakras, by Ambika Wauters


A home that feels nurturing will be the next best gift you can give yourself.  Do you love to come home, does it feel like you are being hugged and allowed to rest?  If not, a few changes can make it a haven.

  1. Notice the feeling you have as you approach your home…are you happy?  If not, change your mind!  Immediately notice the stress and chose to think about something fun about coming home.
  2. Make your entrance a special place by clearing the clutter, organizing the space and placing something there that makes you smile and feel welcome.
  3. Clear your clutter, physical, mental, emotional and social.  Release everything that doesn’t make your heart sing with joy.  This can be hard at first but it is well worth the effort:  clutter can be responsible for extra weight and lethargy, so getting organized will help you feel light and breezy.
  4. Get clear about what really serves you and leave the rest behind.  It is imperative that you trim the fat from your racing mind (for instance, schedule paying bills for one hour a week, until then, file them and don’t think about them over and over again).  Be choosy with your time and schedule “ME” time to do nothing or something that makes you very happy.
  5. All the areas of your home are important in your life, but if you are looking to make changes to help you feel better about yourself, look to see what is in FAME area (see Bagua article)  the middle 1/3 in the furthest back of your home, office, property, rooms, etc.  Is there something there that makes you feel proud of yourself?  Is the energy uplifting, bright and cheery?  Do you have representations of things that you are happy to be known for?
  6. Does your bathroom say SPA?  Bathrooms are representative of cleansing and caring for our bodies. Make your bathroom a beautiful space where you can feel special, safe and able to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Be sure that all areas are clean, remove the extra bottles and jars and everything that is expired, new towels and a beautiful shower curtain, nice lighting and a bamboo plant or two and an area rug that your toes and feet feel luxurious will help you know that you are worthy of the pleasures of life.
  7. Write down a few of these sayings and post them around where you’ll see them often:
    1. I allow pleasure and goodness into my life.
    2. I know that I deserve goodness and joy.
    3. I accept that good health is my natural state.
    4. I deserve to feel peace in my life.
    5. I allow abundance into my experience.
Our happiness can easily become a casualty of our overly serious world.  We can get lost in our “Always ON” society; so we have to make a special effort to remind ourselves how really valuable it is to take time to rest, turn off the TV and the World for a bit and recharge.  The reward for that is a deep and lasting joy, knowing we truly deserve everything our heart desires.