Weird Energy

Weird Energy:  “What’s Going On Lately?”Flower Of Life     

Posted Feb 2008
    I have been asked more than a few times, “What is going on lately?”  Last week was a really weird and wired week for a lot of us. 

     If you have been experiencing turmoil, seen or been in auto accidents, had a bad fall or know someone who has just lost their cool, perhaps an illness has taken a turn for the worse, then you are probably experiencing the effects of some very powerful Astrological influences.  Bottom line:  fast moving, explosive energy, new beginnings after breaking down old structures that can’t hold the weight of what you NEED to be doing with your Life Purpose.   [The specific details from Master Astrologer Rick DiClemente:  solar eclipse in Aquarius with Mercury Retrograde, with Chiron, with Neptune and Mars nearing opposite. to Pluto ~ watch out for March 4. For your Astrology, contact Rick DiClemente 724-622-8079]

Things will feel more intense as we near March 4.  Don’t hide under your bed, use this time to examine and recreate the structure of your life.  If you do it now, it won’t surprise you when the “universe” does it for you. 

Here are a few tips for the next few weeks:
Feng Shui for the Inside:
  •    Be aware of what is around you and inside you.
  •    Be careful  (Full of Care) when you are moving through your day.
  •    Don’t loose your cool / drive too fast / don’t try to multi-task while you are driving
  •    Speak your truth with kindness and clarity. 
  •    Run your words through your heart before you spew them out your mouth.
  •    Check all your details, use good maintenance practices
  •    After you’ve done all that: let go and go with the Flow

What I do:  Before I begin my day, I sit quietly for 10 breaths and mentally create it.  I say and see “smooth, easy travel, delightful journeys and conversations, I see myself responding beautifully to all that is around me and I see it all responding back with love and beauty.”

This really, really works. 

Feng Shui for the Outside: 
  • Wear something yellow, beige or brown to ground your energy.
  • Clear out the center of your rooms, your desk, your mind.
  • Get enough sleep. Make sure you turn your TV off to go to sleep or boot your TV out of the bedroom.
  • Do what you can to center, ground and care for yourself.
  • Add something FUN and uplifting in every few hours of your day

Feng Shui gives you a way to look at your world and life and minimize your effort to get the highest result.  Feng Shui is practical and magical because when you do the work, it works. It is not an excuse to be careless or not take care of “business.” 

So be thorough, check your details, roll with the punches and go with the flow.  Assert yourself kindly and clearly and do something FUN for yourself each few hours. 

I wish you all smooth sailing and lots of love as we near the Holiday of the Heart.