Utilitarian Beauty — Lunch Containers & Health

Minnesota-based ceramicist Ben Fiess’s range of stackable ceramic containers proves that lunchtime vessels can be toxin-free, healthy and beautiful.  Back to school?  Maybe not, but lunchtime is now elevated in status.

Look for Minnesota Based, Ben Feiss’s Ceramic Ware. Beautiful design and colors make lunchtime healthy and serene.

Food & BeautyThe containers we cook and eat from can be a hazard as you probably know. Minerals are absorbed into food as both are heated, or even through storage.  Over time, eating foods prepared and stored in these materials accumulate as they have not been detoxified from our cells and we become ill.

Quite a few metallic types of pots have been found to give off measurable amounts of zinc, cadmium and bits of other potentially unhealthy chemicals.  Ceramic pots are normally considered the least reactive of cooking surfaces, however, because this is a manufactured/made product, it matters from where you purchase it.  Kitchenware marketed in the United States and Canada must adhere to some rather strict consumer safety guidelines…other countries not-so-much.     Check out this article on Safe Cookware from Health Canada  to discover the health consequences of cooking and storing foods in metal, plastic and more.

If you are uneasy about trace metals leeching into your food resulting from the heating process, then ceramic will be a reasonably good choice for you.   However, if you wish to be cautious, ceramic cookware will be the safest available.

Minimize Toxins

Nourishment and toxins are everywhere;  it’s natural that there will be substances that our bodies cannot eliminate easily.  Our bodies are constructed to process elements, food, water, air, thoughts, emotions, relationships, events.   Most major cultures have a regimine or ritual for detoxification, every 7 days, every season, perhaps at major junctures in life that includes fasting, meditating (mind fast), drinking pure room temperature water with lemon between meals, and eating foods that are lovingly prepared and beautiful are all ways to move into greater health and vibrant living.    Our culture is beginning to see the importance, yet we still are “ON” 24/7/365 till death do us part.   [Side Note:  According to Ayurvedic Medicine, the most dangerous toxin is a toxic relationship.]

 Maximize Beauty Eating food that has been lovingly prepared, in beautiful containers, made and blessed with love and eaten in calm and nourishing enviroment with delightful people is truly nourishing to mind, body and spirit in lasting reverberations throughout life and community.   Adding beauty to the plate, the setting and the conversation will nourish your life endlessly. Feng Shui Tip:  Add a little yellow and red to the table to enhance conversation and digestion.Even this screen shot of these beautiful colorways speaks to the Art of Life.

Colorways Ben Feiss Ceramics, Minnesota www.bfiess.com

You can purchase these beautiful ceramic pieces at the following:

IKO IKO West Hollywood
Le Rocketship Paris, France
Ship & Shape online, Minneapolis
LEIF online, Brooklyn
Third Drawer Down Victoria, Australia
Gretel Home online, Miami