The Most Important Room in Your Life

The Most Important Room In Your House
The one room in your life that most affects your ability to be powerful, healthy, happy, and wealthy is….(drum roll) Your Bedroom.  Face it:  Where do you spend most of your time? And actually: Where are you most vulnerable in your home?

Feng Shui considers the energy of everything around you because your body reads it and responds to it, even if you are unaware. 
Something's Wrong with this Bedroom
Something's Wrong with this Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you refresh, renew, nourish your body, mind and soul, and attend to your relationships with yourself, your Source and your significant other.  Make it perfectly lovely, restful and delicious, or you are missing great support for a joyous, juicy and rich life. 

The big problems can be solved with a little attention but first, here’s a worksheet [Tell Me About Your Bedroom] to help you get in touch with how your bedroom is influencing you.  Fill out the form to learn just how to start to see your home differently.
In the meantime, here are a few things that you can focus on to begin to correct the negatives and accentuate the positive. 
Note: Feng Shui means “wind water” but I always say it also means “it depends.”  Your home is a reflection of who you are and sometimes who we are is just fine the way it is.  If you are gloriously happy, don’t change a thing.  If you want something different, that’s the time to see how Feng Shui can help you.
1. Clutter — clutter here will prevent good everything.  Remove everything that doesn’t make your heart calm and happy.  See the Clutter Clearing Challenge  (Week 1 Day 6) to learn just how to approach clearing this space and getting healthy.
2.  View — What do you see when you enter the room?  This sets the tone for what you’ll experience.  Make sure it’s restful, beautiful and calming.  What do you see from your bed?  it sets the tone for how you sleep and how you spend your day.  
3. Power Position — Place your bed where you can see the door and the entire room.  Not under a window or between and window and door, and don’t have your feet pointing out the door.  If your bed must be next to a door, place something as a barrier between the door and your body, like a nightstand with a lamp. 
4.  Equality–Want to stay happily married or get married?  If you want an equal and joyful relationship, make sure both sides of the bed are equally accessible, have equally beautiful treatments and nightstands. 
5.  Photos and Artwork– what is the subject of the art? Is it beautiful and restful?  No abstracts and not a lot of water.  Don’t use images of racing, running, or fast moving energy.  Also, be careful whose photos and how many you have in your bedroom.  All of these could make for difficulty falling asleep, over-dreaming, feeling exhausted.
Here are some Feng Shui tips for a better ‘everything’: 
  • Clear stuff from under your bed.
  • Make the view of the bed and from the bed beautiful.
  • Close the bathroom door and the bedroom door when you are sleeping.
  • Remove the photos that are not restful and beautiful.
  • Have only one (at most two) books per person in the room.
  • Remove the laundry and hampers from the room, keep shoes out if you can.
  • Cover, close or remove the TV, Computer, exercise equipment, dog kennels, stored items, clothing (if you can) from your bedroom.
  • Remove (or cover) the mirrors from your bedroom.  Mirrors activate and duplicate and are a very powerful Feng Shui ‘cure’; but they belong in the bedroom only in very specific circumstances.
  • Make sure you can get into bed without removing lots of pillows or things on your bed.  Simple is best for rest.
  • Soft, non-patterned sheets are best for rest and rejuvenation.  Colors:  warm and rich “flesh-tones” will bring your closer to your romantic and grounded self; light green or blue are “cool” colors but will spark independence (not much romance).  Bright primary colors are a ‘please don’t’ because they will cause too much energy, for instance bright yellow will actually cause a colic reaction in small children, making them cry a lot.
  • Smells?  Clearn, fresh scents are best.  For warmth and romance, try vanilla,  for rest and calm, use lavender.  Rose and Geranium are good for love and harmony (but only if you like them).
  • Pillows?  Change your pillows (or clean them) frequently (at least once a year).  Use UV Wand to clear any allergens from your pillows in the meantime.
  • Mattress:  if you and your not squeeze are sleeping on the mattress from your old marriage, you are in trouble.  Change your mattress as often as you can.  If cost prohibits a swap right now, use the UV wand, and do a space clearing on it…then as soon as you can, buy a new mattress/box spring set.  Split box springs?  You could be in trouble.  To avoid a split or distance in your relationship, place a light and loving pink sheet between over the box springs and between it and the mattress.  Also, place two heart-shaped rose quartz stones at heart level for the sleepers, between the mattress and the box-springs. 

As I mentioned earllier: Feng Shui means “wind water,” but I say it really means “it depends.”  Your life, your home and your goals are different than anyone else’s in the world.  The suggestions that I make are general and can make a big difference in your life but there may be things that are affecting you greatly that you just haven’t ‘seen’ or can’t know are an issue.  A trained, professinal opinion is always a good idea.

Fortunately, the bonus about Feng Shui is that also happily means, “Ok, that’s easy, we can fix that this way…”

As for the Photo above:  Although it’s a beautiful room, warm and cozy with lots of good Feng Shui there are problems.  The Artwork over the mantel will keep you single (or lead you to singlehood/divorce) and focused too much on work.  Too many pillows will keep you from easily and spontaneously enjoying your bed.  Notice nervousness or arguments that could be caused by too much red and the shape of the candleabra is highly confrontational.