The Key to your Success: Your Front Door

A welcoming and open doorway, this home would be more stable if the concrete stairs, wide and open to the front door, were stained a darker color, grounding the entry. Also, protection from additional landscaping and a bit more color to attract attention.

Your front door is the key to your career success and influences your health, wealth and happiness.

Called the “Mouth of Ch’i”, if you don’t use your front door daily, it’s like going through life with your hand over your nose and mouth–you are missing valuable nourishment into your life, your career and your health.  This doesn’t mean the door you normally use to enter your home, it is the door to which your address is tagged. Even if you use another entrance, you can gain valuable support by opening this door daily and making sure it puts forth the image you want to create.

It all matters and the Front Door speaks loudly about you but most importantly TO you, your career and happiness.

Every day Feng Shui for Fresh Start:

  • Breathe in the Freshness:  As the “Mouth of Chi”, we must open this door every day, even if you don’t use it.
  • First impressions are the only ones: Keep it beautiful.  Remove all clutter and make the path to the door and from the door as beautiful and welcoming as you possibly can. Make sure the door opens completely and onto a beautiful view—not one that leads your attention directly up the stairs to the private spaces, or to an open bathroom, or not outside again to the back of the house no matter how beautiful the view might be.  Slow and cull the precious energy—let the eye roam to a beautiful scene inside before traveling outside again.  Make sure the door is freshly painted or refinished and the hardware works perfectly.
  • Greeters in place?  What we see as we approach a home sets up an expectation inside of us.  Place something at the entry, outside and inside the door that lets others (and you) know what is imporant to you and who you are.
  • What do you see?   Stand inside your front door, open it and look out.  If a street or a neighbor’s driveway is pointing right at your door, that could signal an energy drain on you. Place something between the door and the offending object, perhaps a tree, a planter, a sculpture of some sort, or a fountain—flowing 360 degrees or toward the house.  The “Floating Doors” on this house will keep the energy, career and family ungrounded.  Paint the sill below the door a dark and grounding color to bring dreams to life, stability and harmony to the home.

    This home's "floating doors" will create instability and ungrounded dreams and prosperity. Painting the sill below the door a deep color will help to 'ground' the door and the energy of those who life here. Recently "Flamingo'd" this family has 'punked' by their neighbors, enjoying the lighter side of life.
  • Ground your dreams: Make sure that the door looks solidly placed on the ground, that the lower door sill is darker and heavier than the door, giving it something to rest on. I often see siding that is placed below the door and left the light color of the house. That leaves the door looking like it is on the side of ship or floating in space. If this is the case, life for these people will be ungrounded, you will feel like you are on constantly shifting ground, in life and in your career.
  • Beautiful pathways: Make sure the path to your doorway is obvious, safe, clear, well-marked, and large enough for two people to walk side-by-side. If you have painted wooden steps , use beautiful tread grips to bring a sense of safety and beauty to your home.
  • Brightness brings good Ch’i: Bright things draw attention, which is a good thing to the front door in Feng Shui, inviting positive and loving attention to your life. Bright, eye-catching, well-maintained flowers, a beautiful door knocker, and fresh welcome mat will set the tone for freshness on the inside.
  • The Power of Darkness: I am a fan of natural light and natural darkness.   Darkness helps regulate our hormones and sleep patterns, for ourselves and nature.  At night, there are no lights on around my home; I love to walk outside and see the blue/black velvet of the night and read the stars and the shadows of the trees. (I understand we can’t turn our city lights off, but I hope you all get to experience the richness of nature’s night darkness.)
  • Deter harmful energy:  An ancient Chinese esoteria ‘cure’ to deflect harmful energy is the use of something called a Bagua mirror.  This is a very powerful cure because it is used with human intention and is a mirror which deflects energy back to its source.  If done improperly, it can amplify the negative effects, from rushing energy of oncoming traffic, depleting energy of a cemetery, or negative energy of a cranky neighbor.   If you do use a Bagua Mirror, be sure to send the energy off with love and allowing (we each have a right to live our lives the way we choose) and be sure to use the “Latter Heaven” version of the Bagua mirror.  Anything shiney or mirrored will also work, but doesn’t carry the quite the same weight as this symbolic cure with thousands of years of energy behind it.  Read here about Bagua mirrors and their placement. (coming soon)
  • Numbers have special energy:   Numbers hold vibrational energy; One signals indivual, 2 signals partnership, 3 is creative and planning, etc. Your address will set the tone for how you interface with the world.Place your house numbers either on your door, above your door or to the side of your door. Read more about your house number here. (coming soon)

Everything in your home is a partner in what you are experiencing in life and you are in the driver’s seat.  Knowing what to focus on and what to change can save you years of struggle:  Are you ready for life to be beautiful?