The Best Gift of 2013: A Nourishing Home

warm interior egg chair
Soft furnishings, warmth of a fire, clear of clutter, cozy spaces all help to nourish our lives. One chair will signify being singular and allow you to gather your thoughts but might keep you single…two chairs will make the space for a relationship to be enjoyable. Now you know and you can decide what works for your life right now…single or relationship: “if you build it, they will come…” or go!     PHOTO: HOVERCRAFTDOGGY 

A home that is nourishing will serve to increase your health, wealth and happiness.

Do you love to come home, does it feel like you are being hugged and allowed to rest?If not, a few changes can make it a haven.

  1. Notice the feeling you have as you approach your home…are you happy, do you feel really excited to be “coming home”?  If not, change your mind!  Immediately notice the stress and chose to think about something fun about coming home.
  2. Make your entrance a special place by clearing the clutter, organizing the space and placing something there that makes you smile and feel welcome.
  3. Use your front door daily.  Called the Mouth of Chi, this is the entry to our home of the fresh life force.  Make sure that your front door, (not just the one you always use) is well, lighted, fresh, beautiful and that the door opens completely and on to a beautiful view.
  4. Clear your clutter, physical, mental, emotional and social.  Release everything that doesn’t make your heart sing with joy.  This can be hard at first but it is  well worth the effort:  clutter can be responsible for extra weight and lethargy, so getting organized will help you feel light and breezy and open to abundance and opportunities around you.
  5. Decide.  “Decision is the most powerful force in the Universe.” (Stuart Wilde)  Most of life goes by, most clutter and blockages stay put because we don’t make a decision.  There are no bad decisions, except to not ake a decision…even that is a decision.  Get clear about what really serves you and leave the rest behind.  It is imperative that you trim the fat from your racing mind (for instance, schedule paying bills  for one hour a week, until then, file them and don’t think about them over and over again).  Arrange your home so that repetitive tasks take less time:  sort your mail over the trash can, sign up for eBills and reduce clutter.  Be choosy with your time and schedule “ME” time to do nothing or something that makes you very happy.
  6. Make yourself proud…check your Fame Area.  All the areas of your home are important in your life, but if you are looking to make changes to help you feel better about yourself, look to see what is in FAME area (see Bagua article).  The Fame area is the middle 1/3 in the furthest back of your home, office, property, rooms, etc.   Is there something there that makes you feel proud of yourself?  Is the energy  uplifting, bright and cheery?  Does it make you feel good? Do you have representations of things that you are happy to be known for?
  7. Create a Spa feeling in your bathroom.  Bathrooms are representative of cleansing and caring for our bodies. Make your bathroom a beautiful space where you can feel special,  safe and able to cleanse your body, emotions, mind, and soul. Be sure that all areas are clean; remove the extra bottles and jars and everything that is expired.  Add new towels and  a beautiful shower curtain, upward facing and beautiful lighting and a bamboo plant or two.  Get tactile: select an area  rug that your toes and feet feel luxurious will help you know that you are worthy of the pleasures of life.
  8. What you see is what you create.  Each time one of my clients and her husband went to bed, they saw the titles of two books on the shelf above their heads:  Civil War, and Struggle for Power.    This (and a few other Feng Shui no-no’s) significantly influenced the arguments she experienced with her husband. Change the dynamics every way you can.  Our brains read everything, our subconscious brings us more of what it sees.  Really look at the words on the newspapers in your home, the titles of books on your shelf or night table, the magazine articles lying around.  These things over and over create feelings inside you.  Remove the ones that aren’t consistent with nourishment, joy, happiness, freedom, abundance, etc.Or…write down a few of these sayings and post them around where you’ll see them often:
    • I allow pleasure and goodness into my life. I am pleased.
    • I know that I deserve goodness and joy. I am joyful.
    • I accept that good health is my natural state.  I am healthy.
    • I deserve to feel peace in my life.  I am peaceful.
    • I allow abundance into my experience. I am rich!

Our happiness can easily become a casualty of our overly-serious world.  We can get lost in our “Always ON” society; so we have to make a special effort to remind ourselves how really valuable it is to take time to rest, turn off the TV and the World for a bit and recharge.  The reward for that is a deep and lasting joy, knowing we truly deserve everything our heart desires.