The 3 Unexpected Reasons You Are “Stuck”

and How to Shift Gears to “It’s Great!”

The three reasons are not laziness, procrastination or bad luck.

In fact, procrastination is just nature’s way of allowing us to gather our energy and focus.  Work, or anything, expands to fill the time or space allotted.  With less time, we become more efficient.  The trick is to give set a false deadline that gives us enough time to hone the product for the best outcome.  By allowing ourselves to reach critical mass, we use what looks like procrastination to actually be efficient, build our energy and focus our forces.  Check that one off.

Laziness?  Nope.  The way I see it, laziness is pure efficiency.  I once had a professor of project management who’d look for what others called the ‘laziest’ person and give him or her a task to perform and then the professor would watch the process–always learning at least one way to take hours of useless effort out of the project.  Genius!  Check that one off too.

Bad luck?  Can’t blame that one.  In the world of energy bad luck is a way of looking at the world through a microscope.  According to the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui, energy is like electricity, which we can use to light a nursery or a torture chamber.  When we are young, we learn to program our lives through repeated  thoughts, cliché’s, and home arrangement.  All of it can be changed–it just takes addressing the REAL reasons behind our apparent lack of success, love and/or money.

The REAL reasons we aren’t living the life we want?  They are simple:

1) we don’t know how 2) we’re afraid to have it be good 3) our homes won’t let us

Answer these questions for yourself:

1. Do I know exactly what I want and do I know anyone close to me who is living it?

2. Who would I disappoint if I lived my dreams?  Who would feel “less than” if I actually had a great relationship, tremendous life’s work, great vacations and laughter every day? Can I initially disappoint them to live my own life?

3. What can I easily change in my house to change my life and make it come together easily? Where are the blocks of energy preventing the flow of good energy into my life?  How can I move them out?

No More Excuses: Take Charge, Make Change

What you surround yourself with, internally (mind talk) and externally (home, office, images, furnishings, colors and people) are the things that are anchoring your present existence.

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