Take The Challenge: 21 Days Through a Joyful, Less-Stress Holiday Season

Now is the time…Need some help remembering the Joy and reducing the Stress of the Holiday Season?

Starting on December 21, for the next 21 days, I will be sharing secrets and tips for a stress-free, enjoyable Holiday Season.  Sign up and each day you’ll get an email with gentle, easy, take-it-in-stride ways to help you stay centered and joyful with the things that that matter most to you.  (you can join us any time)

Don’t wait until ‘someday,’ don’t let the moments go right by, don’t let your experience be “over before you know it,” don’t lose the gifts of this time  in the packaging and stress of the Holiday season.

Now is the time…in just a few minutes each day together we”ll make moments that help you experience the joy and the nourishment in each day — all the while preparing yourself to take advantage of the energy all around you, in your spaces, in your conversations and in your Holidays.

Join the free 21-day Challenge to Nourish Your Spirit

Starting on December 1, 2012  get ready to ring in a new era os Spirit based living and Join me as we create stress-free Holidays.