Simple Tips for a Delightful Holiday Part 4 Spirit

With just a little awareness and focus on what you really want, you can be breezy and elegant throughout your Holidays AND have more fun than you thought possible.

Part 4 of Simple Tips for a Delightful Holiday


  • MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE:  Our spaces and events are more than just collections of people and things — there is a woven fabric of shimmering energy connecting everything, just beyond our eyesight.  Just thinking about it brings it alive, smiling into it turns on the light and amps up the happiness wherever you go.
  • RITUAL or HABIT?  The things we do over and over become rituals.  Anything, including rituals of any sort, that are done without intention or awareness become only habits.  If your routines have allowed you to lose passion for life,  you can make a choice!  Change it up to keep the energy fresh, or reinvigorate your events with newness.  Color, new music, a scavenger hunt, can all reawaken the spirit, passion and purpose in your yearly gatherings or plans.

  • LAUGH:  Children laugh an average of 200-400 times a day.  Laughter is one of the easiest and most economical ways to bring the Light into the season.  Usually the best way to prime yourself for laughter is to take yourself, and the holiday season, lightly.
  • PAUSE:  Everywhere you go, take your own sacred self with you.  I connect to my Internal Guidance System or take my Sacred Self with me.  When I do this simple trick, I make better decisions, I see nuances and delight that was hidden, and I can feel the nourishment in the environment.
  • ASK:  When you are in need of an answer, just stand still and ask.  I find that the answers always come, either they pop into my head, I get a thought bubble of where the misplaced item is, or someone will come by and answer the question for me.  Don’t hesitate to ask and act on the answers; your guidance and connection to your Source is hardwired into your body.  When you give up the stress for a minute, stand still and ask, let it go and watch as the answer comes.  It may take a little while, but trust and it usually comes quickly.
  • REFLECT:  As each year comes to a close, take some private, personal time to slow down, look back and evaluate.  What worked?  What was fun?  Who was fun? Who wasn’t? Look back with gentle compassion; be soft, kind, truthful with yourself and clear.  Ask yourself some good questions:  What was I trying to accomplish this year and did I?  What did I do best this year?  How did I feel when I was true to myself?  What do I want to accomplish this year?   Here’s a trick I learned from one of my favorite people on the planet, Denise Linn:  Tell yourself the story about how wonderful  2012 was.  (That was not a typo: it’s a way of pre-programming success for your new year..)  —  Set your goals and tell the story backwards [in January I went on vacation, in February I got my dream job, in March I found the perfect new home, etc.] this one you can make up and I guarantee you, it works!

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