Sell Your Home Quickly with Design Psychology

Let your home do the talking for you by using simple, practical feng shui to selling your home faster (decrease market time) and for more (increase profit)!

Outside: First impressions are critical.

It takes only three seconds for buyers to make a judgment about a home.  After that it’s a sales job. 

  • Your front entrance is the “Mouth of Ch’i: be sure it’s welcoming, well-lighted and clear, night and day. 
  • Address: Make sure that your house numbers are highly visible (on your home and your mailbox and either displayed in a horizontal or upward diagonal.  (House numbers in a descending diagonal indicate diminishing energy.)
  • Make all entrances to your home inviting, organized and beautiful.
  • Make sure doors, hardware and stoops are clean and freshly painted.
  • Bright, eye-catching, well-maintained flowers at your front door set the tone for freshness on the inside. 
  • Every door must open onto a beautiful view.  This will welcome the new owners and new opportunities into your life as well.
  • Place something yellow or red near your front door, and make it fresh and healthy.  Remove all kitchy/personal items.
  • Notice everything:  is the door handle working perfectly, the door bell obvious and beautiful, the new door mat?   Even sweeping the front entrance with a new broom will remove the past and make way for the future.

Inside and Outside

  • Give it a thorough cleaning.  This is another way to remove your energy from the address.  
  • Go “Martha Stewart”on your spaces:
    •  Make it fresh and look “magazine”-like. 
    • When in doubt: take it out.  Less is definitely more in this case.
    • Clear out all but the minimal amount of clothing, coats, shoes, pantry items that you need.  Rule of thumb:  leave 1/2 to 1/3 of each closet, drawer or cabinet empty and clean.
  • Neutralize negative influences.
    • Remove all clutter, and ‘personal’ items,.
    • Repair and renew everything.  Make it fresh.
    • Remove all clutter and pack and store personal items in a self-storage unit or at best, out of sight.  Your Buyer wants be able to imagine themselves and their ‘stuff’ in this home.
    • Smells can turn off a potential sale or indicate problems to be dealt with: make sure all negative smells (mold, mildew, moth balls, pet and other offensive odors) are eliminated and replaced with fresh scents.  Use: Vanilla, citrus, fresh coffee or chocolate aromas are pretty universally warm and friendly.
    • Sounds: Play some restful music to set the tone or something that will attract the kind of buyer you want to attract, but play it as background and turn down the volume if you leave any large-screen TV’s on to give the space some life.
    • Plumbing signifies money flow: make sure everything works excellently.  Look even for evidence of water damage and repair it all.
    • Where your eye goes, energy goes: Keep your toilet lids down and help your buyer focus on something beautiful.
    • Make plans to be away during all showings; your buyer needs to feel the comfort and freedom to place themselves in this home.

Important Feng Shui Tip:  Notice what is in the furthest right-hand corner of the property and the home.  If it is something heavy and large, remove it if you can.  If it is a rock garden, place upward moving energy there:  a hollow metal wind chime, plants that extend upward, light that shines upward.  This will help to uproot the energy of your family.  If it is something small that you love, place it in storage for a while to give the home time to adjust to not having you there.

Feng Shui is practical and as well encompasses everything our thoughts and feelings can touch.  When we pay attention to things that normally escape our focus, we ourselves a special advantage. 

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