Play it Forward

Sending Roses  (or any flower that you love) —  White is the color we historically associate with  light, goodness, purity or life beyond this one.  Notice the Color You See When You Mentally Send Roses Ahead–all colors offer a healing response to the individual or situation.

A friend of mine was edgy: he was meeting with his former wife for the first time in a while to discuss the wedding plans of their daughter.  “It never goes well,” he said.

“Change it,” I said.

“Right.  If I could I would.  How do you recommend I do that?”

“Focus and send love forward into the situation.  Just rewrite it ahead of time. And if you can’t do that, just fill the space and the room with roses (or your favorite flower).”

I saw him two weeks later and he’d forgotten about the event.  I asked him how the meeting went.

“Oh my…I forgot till just now that I did what you recommended.  It was the best meeting we had in years.  My ex-wife wasn’t angry and I wasn’t defensive.  It was actually pleasant. It must have been the roses or something…”


You can dramatically change any experience by using your own intention and thoughts.  You can do this anytime—it would be great if we could do this all the time.  But that is an “advanced move.”

Daily our focus is pulled in so many different directions that it’s very difficult to be present in every moment, radiating Love in all directions.  That is what Practical Feng Shui is for: to access and anchor positive energy flow when we can’t be vigilant.

We can’t make Feng Shui adjustments to each space we visit, we can affect the outcome with this simple trick.

Try it now:

Imagine a situation that normally makes you feel tight, bored, sad, scared, or any other contracting, negative emotion, preferably one coming up soon.  Now imagine you are watching that situation as though it were a scene in a movie. Nothing in particular changes until suddenly—the “camera” zooms out and the picture softens as the edges of everything glow with soft pink and golden or white light, hearts soften, smiles form, people are listening, agreeing, voices are lighter and laughter is present.  Everyone is ‘in love’ with life and enjoying the best qualities of those in the room.   Everything goes smoothly, gently, easily.

Let it continue until everyone is home safely and happily in bed.  Seal it with an “and so it is, Thank you.”

There, you just did it.  You sent positive energy forward into a situation.  The more you do that, the more you will notice life flowing more easily for you; I use this technique every day and still I am surprised that it works. It even works with traffic!


When sending a mental rose to my son one day, I was shocked and scared to see that a beautiful black rose appeared in my mind.  But, within a few moments I realized that black is the color of protection, in pigment it is closest to all colors mixed and in light it is considered the absorber of all color, reflecting none.

I remembered that there is a wisdom greater than mine when dealing in the esoteric world of energy and color and that my son must have needed to absorb all the wave lengths of color for his own healing.

Here are some associations that you might see when sending roses ahead into your life situations:

  • Pink — unconditional love and healing
  • Blue — relaxation, vision, rest and independence
  • Green — the color that is easiest on our physical eye, the color of nature and the Heart Chakra, the color of healing love
  • Yellow — warmth, nourishing and grounding, self-esteem, will, determination, thinking and good digestion (of food and issues)
  • White — purity, clarity, spirituality, all colors of light
  • Purple/Violet — spirituality, action and rest at the same time
  • Black — protection, depth, mystery
  • Red — passion, action, deep love (usually romantic)
  • Gold — especially powerful healing color, associated with the highest and best [did you know that gold is really so rare “that all the gold ever mined from Earth would fill only 3 olympic-sized swimming pools”  Brian Cox, astrophysicist and create of Wonders of the Universe for Science Channel.  I love this; Brian Cox explains the Universe with a mixture of science and loving awe.]

Send it Forward

Now you do it!  Send some roses ahead on your drive home, on the roads see them covered with rose petals; to the phone calls or people you love, send them roses.  Then forget about it…go on about your day, stop and buy some flowers, switch off the grumpy news, drive in silence for a few minutes to connect to the power at your center and you will arrive at your event refreshed and flowing with the Life Force, ready for your day and able to enjoy whatever comes along.

(See Post on Rewriting Your Daily Life Script)