Orange: Social & Playful Energy

Orange is an energizing color that will help stimulate play and fun and activate spaces especially those darker spaces that need the happiness that sunlight can bring.

Orange has been called by Carlton Wagner, of the Wagner Color Institute, “The Great Declassifier.”   What that means is the orange allows us to feel comfortable no matter what our socio-economic status.  It allows friendliness and comfort and social interaction.

Orange is the most socially oriented color and associated with Fire and Earth Energy, being a mix of Red and Yellow, a mix of expansive lifeforce and the gathering, social and happy energy of Yellow.  Orange is also the vibrational color associated with our Second Chakra, the energy vortex within our bodies that regulate our sexuality, tribal associations and our ability to play.

If you are needing orange in your life, good for you!  Orange will help boost your social energy and also ground you just a bit, as the Earth aspect of yellow in Orange will pull you into nourishing relationships.

Caution for Orange: The Chinese call the pastel version of Orange Peach Blossom Love…the reason?  Peach is a color that can change your energy to attract a mate but the Caution is:  if you are married, stay away from peach, it can cause either mate to look outside the marriage for some extra-curricular fun.