Noble Questions — Employ Your Subconscious Mind

Noble Questions

“Ask and you shall recieve.”  You know who.


Here’s a huge tip that will have you working less and recieving more.  Your subconscious mind is what is creating your reality and now you can decide what that reality will be.  Every Feng Shui practitioner knows that we create and dance with our own “reality.”  and now you do too.  After you have read this article, you will have revamped your entire operation, streamlined your efforts and souped up your #1 employee:  your subconscious mind.

Through our subconscious, we create our reality. (More on the science of this later.)  Our subconscious speaks in the language of pictures and baby talk: simple words and terms.    Everything, from the art we see to the pictures we paint with our words, our subconscious mind is putting in orders, finding the ‘things’ we are asking for and then it’s put right in front of us.

Examine where you are on this process by looking at your own self-talk.  We then place things around us that support the assumptions we have been led to believe.  To begin to turn this around, we’ll start with the inner Feng Shui of asking questions.






Rather than use this process of question and answer to move you backward or keep you down, here’s how to use this process to move you forward in your life  and create what will send you into self-confidence, luck, happiness and anything else you want.

When you ask questions, out loud or in your mind, notice how things line up to find the answer for you.  Anytime you ask a question, the answer usually pops into your mind.  

We have learned to ask negative questions. I believe we learned to do this to ward off oppression by our parents and teachers  as if to say: if I beat myself up, you will see it and not beat me up. Watch any little league or high school sport and you’ll see at least one kid fail and shake his head in disgust, reproach himself harshly, or scream “oh you stupid”.  The  kids abuse themselves so their parents won’t; it’s so sad and unnecessary. 

So by asking as question, “why am I so ____”, the Universe responds with evidence that you are so ____ (fill in the blank) and becomes self-fulfilling.  Not the way to create a beautiful and easy life. 

Ask a different question

The way to engage the process to begin to create your best life is to begin to ask questions differently.   This works.  One of my teachers, Denise Linn, calls these Noble Questions.  Begin to ask Noble Questions and begin to watch how you start to create your wonderment more quickly and beautifully.

By asking these questions in this manner, you are assuming a different premise, one of expansion, positive energy and fulfillment.

Ask a question in your mind and sit for a moment.  See what pops into your head.  If nothing, don’t think again about it, just know that it is working.  The premise has been assumed and all the factors are lining up to bring you the answers and the evidence of your assumption.  Wait and watch in the next few days. You will begin to experience the answers.

Your Turning Point

Try these noble questions:

“How can I be even more happy?”  assumes you are currently happy.

“How can I be even more healthy?”  assumes you are currently healthy.

“Why am I always on time?”  assumes you are always on time.

“Why do I always succeed?”    assumes you always succeed.

Do you notice how your brain organizes itself differently?  It starts to look for evidence of how you always succeed.  If it comes up against a negative response, ask the question again:  “why do I always succeed?”  Notice in you r body where you feel expansion, softening, relaxing or happiness.

This is the turning point.  Now the subconscious is hearing that you are “happy, wonderful, persistent, lively, lucky.”

Cleaning the Genes

After thousands of years of negative programming, we now have the massive opportunity to bring our own Heaven on Earth.  We have the opportunity to make choices that our ancestors and parents couldn’t or didn’t.  These tools are part of the magic making this happen for all of us.  When you use them, you are elevating the energy of human race; thank you!

Here are some more Noble Questions to try:

“Why am I so lucky?”

“How do I always find my way just at the right time?”

“How am I always in the right place at the right time?”

“How can I spend all this money?”

“How do I always win things?”

“How do I always meet the perfect people?”

You try it.  You’ll begin to create the answers that will lead you to life’s riches.