New Moon Energy for a Loving Week End Oct 15, 2012 5:02 PST

DaretNew Moon October 15, 2012 5:02 am PST — a container for healing old wounds and making space for new depths of love, of compassion and passion.

Throughout this weekend, the New Moon energy will be building toward a loving crescendo that can bring us all closer to the love we know we want to be living.  Deep, transformational, passionate and compassionate love is the birthright of each of us…knowing it’s really possible, knowing how to change our spaces to make it even easier is also something we have a right to know.Take a bit of time this weekend to get ready to take advantage of the special boost of energy opening us up on October 15, at 5:02 pm PST.  Know it or not, we will be showered in beautiful, harmonizing and balancing energy of the New Moon.

Darkest Night Shines Tenderest Light

The New Moon is more than just a dark night, it is a time of energy that is associated with deep and fresh beginning growing in the soft quiet waters deep within us.  It’s also a time for growth, this month we are aided in growing our love.  Allow this time to bring out the best in you and your mate or grow the opportunity to connect to the lover of all life that lives in you.  (The opposite, the Full Moon is a time of high tides when the energy of the full moon is that of pulling from us all that needs to be relinquished or released.)

The noticeable energies are building for the 3 days before and ebbing for 3 days after the Moon phase.  This New Moon gives us the opening to be more receptive to love, more engaged with our sweet heart and with all things beautiful.  The opportunity exists to fully mourn a post, a lost love or even a lost opportunity or potential for love, and then release it in order to open the space for the tremendous love your heart is longing for.

Astrological terms aside, this new moon’s energy is supportive of sweet, chivalrous, tender and balanced love.  We’ll be bathed in a salve of energy meant to help us heal old wounds and release the lamented past.  There will be support for using your ability to know and live passionate and compassionate love to make the world a better place, which starts in your own life and home.   We get to revel in the joy of physical love with the added spice of primal sexuality and emotion which raises the stakes for connecting male and female energies either in our marriages or in our own selves.

Getting the good love you deserve and the love you want

If you aren’t in a committed and tender, passionate relationship, perhaps this will be the time when you decide you are ready to define what you want to live with.  If you are holding on to a past relationship, old wounds or something that you haven’t let go of, now is the time to mourn it, embrace the learning and bury it in the rich, receptive Earth, making way for the one that you want to create.

Change Your Home…Change Your Life

The arrangement of your home and bedroom can be holding you back from or moving you into your bliss.  Send me some photos of your bedroom and for $50, I will make recommendations of how to make simple changes to finally get the relationship you want and deserve.  Take photos of all 4 corners and all 4 walls, the view from the door and the view out the door and I’ll send back suggestions that will surprise and delight you.

You can also go to my website and for free, learn the colors, shapes and people that support you.  You can input the names and birthdates of you and your significant other (and even your pets) and learn how to understand the why’s of your relationship and how to see each other’s strengths and make environmental shifts to support a more harmonious and loving togetherness.


Understand the ones you love even better when you know their Nine Star Ki.  I have used this information with countless clients and corporations to make relationships easier and even flourish.  Enter Your Birthdates and discover so much more about those you love and work with — this knowledge takes the pressure off and allows you to open to true love and happiness.  Listen to the free mp3 or send me your information and I’ll help you learn how easy it can be to love again.

And One More Thing…

A few more things you can do this week end to support your ability to love and be loved:

  • Do a thorough cleaning of your bedroom:  remove reminiscences or mementos of past relationships or dashed hopes
  • Open the windows, if even for just a little bit, to allow fresh air to circulate
  • Clean the sheets and linens in sea salt and lavender, flip the mattress and remove the clutter from your bedroom, especially from under your bed.
  • Clear the room of laundry or clothing; if you have dressers and closets, remove all that you don’t wear, all unpaired or worn items, ones that you don’t wear or don’t like.  Leave 1/3 to ¼ of the drawers and closets open to attract new and fresh experiences.
  • Look at your artwork; is it reflective of the relationship you want to have?
  • Take stock:
    • Do you need to release the past, either an old relationship or old way of expecting relationship to answer your needs?
    • What kind of relationship do you want?
    • What kind of relationship do you have with your Self, or with your Source?
    • What type of relationship do you want?  Write a list of all the attributes you want in a mate and put it away in a safe and sacred place.

Get clear of the past, get clear about what you really want to live with and give yourself permission to welcome it into your life.  I guarantee this works, it has for me.

P.S. You can also use the new moon to bring on abundance in all aspects of your life.  Write yourself a check for a large (but believable amount), sign it “Law of Attraction” and place it in a sacred place, perhaps next to your list of ways to increase your love giving and receiving.  Place it in the Wealth area, in your Relationship area or in any place where the energy of your home you have made special and sacred.  Leave it there and open your awareness for the beauty coming your way in every breath, with every bit of light coming from the Moon and the Stars.