Money is Energy — How do you run yours?

Money is Energy — How do you run yours?

Two things I have to pass along about the currents of feelings/thoughts/media floating around in our environment:


1.  Your body is a giant two-way radio.  You can tune into anything and you do.  When you are tuning in to the current media and conversations about life today, tell me how you feel?  Do you feel powerful?  Effective?  Happy?  Hopeful?  You are receiving and broadcasting the same channel.  Is it time to switch?


If you don’t want more of what you have, tune into something else.  I do.  I trust fully that I get all the information that I need and I get it, just when I need it.   


2.  You are money.  That’s right, here’s the deal:  Money is energy.  In fact, everything is energy, including you. Where you spend yourself is the same place that you spend your money.  Watch where you spend your money and you will know, without a doubt, where you are spending your energy.   


Do you value yourself?  Then you are probably really clear about how you doll out your money.  Do you give yourself away?  Then you are probably always trying to make ends meet.  Do you think someone owes you something or you owe someone for your existence?  Are you trying to get ‘approval’ from others? Then you probably have credit issues.



In a conversation with my dear friend, Don, he told me how he was able to  run, for 10 years, a successful business without using OPM.  I said, “Great.  What’s that?” 


“Other People’s Money.”  It clicked for me that we are now learning how to run use our own energy instead of OPM. 


If you are not surefooted in your ability to use your energy and your own money, you can get there easily.


1.  Forget attaching money to self-worth.  Money is not a measure of your worth.  Do you need to hear that again?  Money has nothing to do with how valuable, loveable and worthy you are.   You are so precious, and every breath you take is free.  You may have heard this before but I hope you hear it now:  You are hear on Divine Whim and Will.  That gives you worth.  No one calculates how many breaths you took today, when you are running, you don’t get charged for taking more air.  You are loved and your life matters.  Remember:  money is just energy.  It’s free.  in fact, everything is free. Where we get confused is in the personal exchange of our energy between us.  Let’s work on you first.


2.  Clear the clutter from your life.  Money needs to flow, gently accumulate in your life and move around. Money is called currency because it has to move and flow.  Clutter is stagnant energy, blocking flow.  Emotional clutter, social clutter, mental clutter, physical clutter, these all create blocks.  Pare down so you can flow more.


3.  The Feng Shui Gua associated with Wealth and Prosperity is called Persistent Wind.  Meaning your wealth is always flowing toward you, make space for it and receive it–all.  From your front door, what is in the furthest left hand corner of your property, rooms and desk?  What does it look like and remind you of?  Open, clean, upward moving energy and wealth?  If not, make it so.


4.  Make your home a reminder of clarity, happiness and acceptance of your beauty.  Clean your windows, they provide clarity and vision.  Keep your hallways and stairways open and clear, fully moving the energy through them with joy.  Ring a clear bell throughout your home, send love and light on the ringing tones.  (I even bought a pair of “Lucky” brand jeans–they help me feel lucky, that’s the point.)


5.  Entice the Life Force back into your life.  Open the center of each room and your desk.  Open the door and invite fresh energy in.  Appreciate what you have.  “Appreciate” in financial terms means to increase in value–did that connect a few dots?  Place something golden yellow, square or rectangular in the center of your table and make it gloriously beautiful, let it make you smile.


Money Is a Thought-form 

When we were removed from the “Gold Standard” in the UK and US we actually moved further into the era of money as a thought(See Gold Standard Article)

Now, money is really just a thought-form: a bunch of squiggles and electrons flying around the planet.  By the Law of Attraction, you can be sure that those electrons are being attracted or repelled by what you are feeling. 

When you notice this system really working for you it will look like this: you will be doing your heart’s desire, daily doing the special thing that is what makes you feel great, effective and following your internal promptings to speak up, talk to her or him, go make that, etc.  When you are doing your ‘you-work’ you will discover that money shows up because that is how it all happens.   Heidi Klum is one of the richest celebrities in the world, and when she read Forbes magazine claiming that she said, “how did that happen?”  She was just moving along doing her work, following her guidance and bam!  Happy, healthy, wealthy.  That’s how it happens.


Where is your energy?  What are you vibrating?  What is your attention on?  Call those money squiggles to you by loving yourself, love your body, open your vision to accept.  (I actually thought the Pythagorean Ogdoad Sacred Symbol for Abundance into each of my cells:  it looks like a glowing golden infinity sign–you can do it too.)


The biggest challenge is to allow yourself to always be happy. 


Try it: How long can you hold a happy feeling in your awareness?  When you do, you are sending out the signals of peace, bliss and abundance.  Who would you rather be around?  Someone who is complaining and fearful or someone who is happy and positive?    Do what you can right now,  feel into the next positive step, and love the heck out of everything around you.