How to Stop Terrorism

How to Stop Terrorism

Do you remember where you were on 911?  Or remember how you felt when you heard of the recent attack in Mumbai on the Taj Hotel tourists? 

globalwarmingwithloveWhy do I ask?

Because I have a secret for you.  A secret that is so painfully simple a solution to terrorism in our world that it could actually stop the clocks. But it’s not easy.

You see, terrorism isn’t just out there, isn’t just introduced with weapons or “foreign” looking and sounding people.  Terrorism lives inside of us…but how?

When I heard of 911, I was doing the pre-flight for another hour of flight instruction and got the news that we were grounded—then ‘hell broke loose.’   I got in my car and headed toward my children’s school.  In the days following the siege, as we tried to make sense of our new lives, I looked to see what was happening inside me to produce what I experienced on the outside. The question I asked:  How am I terrorizing myself?

Mumbai? I was numb.  I immediately made the mistake to associate the Taj Hotel in Mumbai with the Taj Mahal (which is in New Delhi) and (regardless of the detail accuracy, my intution asked me to question myself this: How am I numb to or assaulting the love I could be receiving? Do I honor love, am I receiving love? What is sacred in my life?  The questions opened the door for a dialogue I hadn’t considered, which was the point of healing a part of my own life and begin to stop terrorizing my own life.

What does this have to do with design? 

Everything matters, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant detail:  your home is vital to peace in our world.

 Take a quiet and honest moment.  Ask yourself this deep and personal question:  How do I terrorize myself?  Where do I feel held and blocked and allow trauma and terror in my day and life?

Do you feel totally safe in your home, is everything working perfectly, can you express your opinions and fears, humor and beauty in complete abandon and support?  Do you love to come home? Does it reflect your joy and who you are?  Can you feel free to paint your walls any color you wish?  Do you terrorize yourself with rules, how-to’s, trend directives?  Where are you limiting your inner self? 

Recently a highly successful California developer sat next to me on an airplane and asked me:  “According to Feng Shui, where’s the best place to have sex?”—I couldn’t even answer him because when you have to have a rule like that, you are missing the point of life and love.

I am not the first to make this connection. 

If there be truth
In the heart, there will be
beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the
Character, there will be
Harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in
the home, there will be
Order in the nation.

When there is order in
each nation, there will
be peace in the world.

(Ancient Chinese proverb)



You deserve to love yourself.

Here’s a passage sent to me by a dear friend, Kathy Graham.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  After you read it, I hope you are inspired to be nice to you:  feel happy, express yourself in your home kindly and clearly, listen deeply to those around you, forgive everything.   From Kathy:

“Sharing with you some words from the book, Telos, Volume 3 — Protocols of the Fifth Dimension, with thanks to Bunty Khanna for introducing me to this book:

“It is the allowing of self-compassion that moves you into the vibration of grace.  It is the fusion of the physical Earth with the etheric realms, of the merging of an awakened truth with the power of love that moves you into your mastery….

“When we speak of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude, we do not speak of intellectual concepts.  Compassion is not an idea whose time has come.  Compassion is an energy that creates great oscillations in the fabric of your universe.  Grace is not a religious notion or promise, it is a palpable energy that can be witnessed and utilized in the world around you.  Faith and trust are not promises made or bargains to be kept.  They are the frequencies that power each breath that you take in the physical.  With each in-breath and out-breath your soul takes in the divine. Gratitude is not polite statements you are taught as children.  It is an energetic acknowledgment to the universe that you are in alignment with Source.  And love is not a romantic or religious exclamation.  Love is quite profoundly the energy that powers all of creation.” justforyou