How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

Want to ‘be happy’?  Well the trick is to find a way to feel happy.  If that made you nuts, just read on.  

If you have even one ear to the ground on the newest rumbling in the spiritual community, you will know that the key to manifesting whatever it is you want is to Be Happy.  

We are told that to wait for the outside to make us happy is to wait for a long, fruitless occupation.  Think about it, who would you rather be around, someone who is waiting for you to make them happy or someone who is just enjoying themselves, smiling and being “Happy.” 

Carol Tuttle, an amazing energy healer says we are living our lives backwards.  The current model is:  HAVE – DO – BE.   Explained:   “what do I HAVE to DO to BE happy, loved, healthy, wealthy, you fill in the blank. “ 

Carol says is that this is directly opposed to our birthright of freedom. 

We need to BE – DO – HAVE.     Be (happy, loved, healthy—feel it in all your cells) , then DO (what is put in front of us) and we will HAVE (whatever we want!)  That’s a universal guarantee. 

It’s the same as Jack Canfield (author of Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul).  Jack tells of the power of acting “AS IF” you already have what it is that you say you are wanting.  His book, Success Principles, tells of a “Come as you Will Be” party where all the invitees prepared themselves to appear as they hoped they would in 5 years.   In five years time, nearly all of them had met those goals.

It’s the same as Esther Hick’s reminder that all we need to do is “let it in”…let in the goodness rather than acting like Ninja warriors fending off all the goodness the Universe is sending us.   Throwing Ninja stars of “but, can’t, shouldn’t” we can open our arms and breathe in the “of course,”  “I’m allowing it,” and if you can’t get to that then “just get off the subject all together” and think of something happy.

To help you Be Happy and act “As If”, set up your office and home to remind your subconscious of all that it is that you are creating.   Pictures and words, clarity and organization all put the feeling into your cells so that you become an attractor magnet for the situations you are wanting to live.

Can’t muster “Happy”?  Try Gratitude.  Then Appreciation. Then Love.

Feelings have frequencies and when you can hold a high frequency feeling, you are ‘vibrating’ at a level that will draw to you only good things.  To get to the highest frequency, which is love, may take some travel through feelings to get there. 

First try Gratitude.  Finding things to be thankful for will start to raise your frequency.  It may take a few minutes, but try it like this:  Well, the good news is:  then look for some good news.  It may be a simple as:  “The good news is I am still breathing.”  If even that’s not good news,  try a smile.  Then the good news will be “my face still works.”   When you find things to be grateful for, you begin to resonate the a much higher frequency of energy.  

It doesn’t mean that by being grateful you are giving in or giving up on yourself.  What it does mean is that you are now more powerful than you have been when you were hating.  You have risen to the level of self-determination and expansion.  It’s the grease that the Universe uses to move you to your next step.

Take it up a notch to appreciation and you’ll be at the highest frequency we can get to:  appreciation and love.  The frequency of love is a key that unlocks the treasure chest of what is available to you.   Just think of the most beautiful thing you can think of; try these:  a kitten,  a puppy,  a still night sky, aura borealis, the smell of fresh rain,  this song (Claire De Lune, by Debussy—my favorite).  Make it a habit to get to that space as often as you can and then while there, put your vision of your perfect life right in the middle of it.  You’ll be amazed because you’ll be meeting your heart’s desire in no time.

Each day you spend approximately 1/3 of it in your bedroom and 1/3 in your office.  Another 2 hours are spent in transit from place to place.  That leaves 5 to 6 hours to ‘do what you want to do’.  What if all 24 hours were spent renewing yourself and living the ‘doing what you want to do’?  Use a little Feng Shui wisdom and you will soon be enjoying your moments that stream into enjoying your days and enjoying your life.


More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Hire the Heavens: Invite Divine Assistance

·        Be happy