House Yoga: 5 Simple Things to Change in Your Home to Fall in Love Again

This is worth it.  It might feel odd at first; you might feel like you are wasting time, energy and money but if you don’t do this, you are wasting your love and your life.  These steps will have you smiling that ‘I have a secret’ smile by the end of the day, maybe sooner.

House Yoga–You Are Your Spaces. Making simple changes to them will help you change your life for the better.

These steps assume that you have cleared your clutter and organized your spaces.  If you haven’t, Download and follow the free eBook:  Clear Your Clutter 28-day Program.  It’s most important that when using Feng Shui, your spaces are clear, clean and fresh.  Making Feng Shui changes will often bring you more of what you already have, until you clear the old energy and the clutter.   Start where you are and do one thing that will clear your space and that will snowball into a clean, clear and joyful life!

Just in case you need it:  I hereby give you permission to be in love and to take these steps.  I hereby give you permission to know that you will make good choices for yourself, your stuff and your life.  I hereby give you the freedom to discard anything that doesn’t serve you or that you don’t love.   I hereby give you permission to give yourself permission to be in love, right now.

1.        Your Bedroom

  1. Remove the TV.     I heard you screaming.   Removing media from the bedroom will foster a deeper relationship with yourself and your significant other.  [Tell your man that science has proven that couples with no TV in the bedroom have better relationships and more sex.]
  2. Add one lovely book on the night stand to a huge impact.  I recommend  Enchanted Love, by Marianne Williamson
  3. Read:  The Most Important Room In Your Life and make changes that will support your love.

2.  Your Bathroom

  1. Make it a sanctuary to nourishing your body and make it feel like a spa.  Stay posted, I’ll help learn how.
  2. Don’t have all day to clean your bathroom? Place a white, tall pillar candle in your bathrom and mentally ask for the help and focus to take an hour or so to clear out the old and bring in the new.  Never leave a lighted candle untended, blow it out before you leave.

3.  Your Kitchen

  1. Hide the knives, the pots and pans and anything that doesn’t remind you of fun.
  2. Add some flowers. Have you seen chefs cook with flowers? It seems so exotic and after all, isn’t that what LOVE is all about? Fresh, different and alive! Introducing flowers into the kitchen helps to remind us that Romance is Alive.
  3. Place something yellow (flower, centerpiece, table cloth, vase) in the center of the room.

4.   What You See  Everything you see creates your life.  Look around your home and actually SEE what is there.  Some examples:

  1. Words & Art:  Read the book covers, the magazine titles, the newspaper, the envelopes, and the other ‘sayings’ around your home and office.  Take charge to discard the things that don’t say loving things, discard things that are fear based…take a media fast for 21 days.  You can do it, you’ll get all the news you need when you need it, I guarantee it.
  2. Number:  How MANY do you have?  If our brains see one chair in the corner, our subconscious places emphasis on singularity.   If you have a tea party, or tête-à-tête set up, you can be sure that you’ll soon be having a tea party.  It’s that simple.

5.  Use the Bagua

  1. Determine the location of your washrooms, water and plumbing.  Where they are located according to the bagua is significant:  you could be drained, overly emotional or have your energy going out faster than it comes in.
  2. If any water ‘feature’ is in your ‘relationship’ area, balance the negative drain by adding color or shape in the form of earth energy (beige, tan, yellow, brown, square or rectangular shaped art or carpet or design) then add something Red, White or Pink (to add romance energy).      Include Art or accessories that reflect ‘pairs’ of things.   NOTE:  don’t place photos of people in your bathrooms, as the energy will be draining to them.  Also: don’t do this for people you don’t like as this will backfire on you.  Instead, focus on what you want to create for yourself and go the extra step to allow those people who annoy you to go on and find the love they need in their lives.

If you’d like help with your own Relationship Area, (home or office—partnership), ability to be “in Love” and attract more of life’s good juju–know exactly what to do for YOUR relationship area–Email me For a promotional $50, we’ll look together at your Relationship Gua, to remove blocks and promote positive energy so you can again give and receive the love you so need.