Tap In To the Infinite Energy

Here is a huge secret:  you have the ability to tap into the same energy that is working for the movers and shakers of the world, whomever that is.  Want to be a better musician?  Want to be a more savvy investor?  Would you like your own high-level advisory team, time manager, a business manager, mentor?

I first came across this information 10 years ago through Stuart Wilde.  In his book, Infinite Self,  Stuart explains that the energy that inspired all the greatest people that ever walked the planet is still around and accessible in this moment.  The energy that inspired Solomon, Socrates, Aristotle, Einstein, Ben Franklin, The Pharoahs, you name it, is running through you now and it’s yours to claim for the asking.

Beyond Intuition

Einstein is quoted, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

You can also read Jean Slater’s book:  Hiring the Heavens.  In it, Jean makes it easy to learn just how to tap into the resources are waiting to serve you.  She tells you that you have  unlimited access to hire the best inspiration in the Universe, whatever and whoever you need to help you.  I have done this and it has made my life work in uncanny ways. 

For instance, I “hired” my committee and have meetings daily and weekly.  Do I sound certifiable?  Just listen:  on my heavenly Board of Directors I placed a time manager.  Since then, if accidently double book myself, if I have appointment slots open, if I need to meet a deadline, it always has resolved itself without my pushing or straining.  The double bookings?  One of them calls to reschedule at the last minute.   Doesn’t mean I  go brain dead about life, just that with awareness and request for Divine Assistance, things somehow work themselves out.

I keep hearing stories about others using their “parking angels.”  I have been doing this for years and it really works.  The key:  calmly ask that you have a parking space exactly where you’d like it…then forget about it.   If it doesn’t work at first, don’t give up, just don’t forget to ask and soon you’ll be amazed.  I also have asked that I be in the right place at the right time for my best health, wealth and happiness–so I know if I don’t get the parking space I just asked for, it’s because there’s something else that’s a higher priority.  It’s a real time way of working with the intuitive side of yourself, setting up your priorities and allow the support of your own energy field, heart and gut and the invisible energy to guide you.

I have also heard about “green light angels,”  “plenty of money Angels,”  the list goes on.  The point is, you have more support around you right now than you can imagine–so, get to imagining! AND at the very least, you’ll open your awareness to the world and it’s possibilities around you.  Ask.  Trust.  Smile. 

Here is an uncanny example:

One day in mid-May,  it was my turn to provide the snacks for my sons’ Varsity tennis match.  I gathered the items, packed them in the car and went to the field where I thought the match was.  As I pulled up, everything seemed just as I expected it and the Coach said, “Oh good, you got the email, I called but I had the wrong number and I was concerned that you wouldn’t have gotten the message that the match was at home and not away.”   All I could do was laugh!  I check the schedule daily, and in my  mind the match was ‘at home’ but it was originally on the schedule as an ‘away’ match.  I would have driven 40 miles out of my way, but my time manager was on it and rearranged the whole thing in my mind.   

Dumb luck?  Oh sure, call it what you will, but I know that it all worked perfectly because I asked for help. 

I always get a great parking place, the phone call at the right time, the nudge that I should turn left instead of right, stop or slow down.  I bless those little delays because I know it’s just a matter of the energy lining up for everyone.

Try It

Sit quietly for a moment a, connect into your inspired place within and ask for a favor.  Start as simple as you’d like, perhaps something that you don’t have an emotional charge around.  Something like:

I’d like to see beauty today.  –or–  Can you show me something wonderful that I’ve never seen?  –or– Can you bring to me the people that need my talents and pay me richly for it?  –or– can you help me write a better proposal?  –or– make a healthy dinner –or– find the perfect words, happy relationship, joyful evening, enjoy a restful sleep?

Then let it go and go on about your day.  When it shows up, you can smile and know you were answered and you just Hired the Heavens…wherever they might be.

More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Be happy

Years ago a philosophy professor paraphrased Descartes ‘Brain in a Vat’ argument:  “We live 100% of the time in our head” and when you think about it, it’s true.

I have decided though to live 100% of the time in my heart, to trust my gut and my “sacred gift” and let my head follow…and it’s been an amazing unfolding of the magic of being alive.