Happy New Year 2011 Feng Shui Energy

Family, Home, Time and Beauty at forefront in 2011

2011 – Happy Feng Shui New Year’s Motto:  Be Calm and Carry On

 Feb 3 Year of Rabbit, Feb 4 Nine Star Ki New Year 7 Metal

Home and Stability are at forefront this year.

Welcome to a year of home, family, kitchen and joy.  This year will be about style and compassion, creativity and organization, beauty and core values, all simultaneously.   

It’s the year to place things that you love into your environment.  Create a beautiful kitchen where you can eat and meet, create a studio where you finally fulfill that dream of creating marketable items.  [See www.etsy.com or www.ponoko.com  (websites that can  help manufacture and launch your products)]

This year is for deep rest and celebration AND organization and creativity.  Home and family, especially gathering areas like kitchen will seem much more important to us.  Yet just as a large and nourishing meal requires organization and creativity, it is important that we maintain a strong footing grounded in those attributes.  Also, an underlying energy tells us that things could burn out of control this year and it will be best this year to remain cool, calm and collected rather than fight fire with fire.

Feng Shui--Last longer than going to Paris to enjoy Chocolate at Laduree--Can't we do both?

Use this year well for reconnection to your core, your beauty, your enthusiasm and creative self, for next year is the year of Father energy—conditional support based on what we have accomplished.  We could be riding the Dragon, and we could find great expansion or find ourselves facing accountability for our sloth. 

Nine Star Ki — Better than Chocolate

I recently gave a workshop for a group and the host told me later: “Amazing! You won’t believe it–they were all amazed that you so accurately described them and their lives of the last few years.”

Actually I just described the energy as it was according to Nine Star Ki—it is very accurate and helpful to know how your own energy, how to support yourself with color, shape and placement of items in your spaces.  

You can go to www.9starki.com learn the first of 3 energies affecting your feng shui, home and relationships.  For your own personal Feng Shui energy includes all three energies, that of your family and how to arrange your home, email me.  Fawn@fawnchang.com  Mention Feng Shui Energy in the subject bar please.

Back to 2011

Family, Home, Time and Beauty at forefront in 2011
Your Family, Your Home, Your Time and Meaningful Beauty at forefront in 2011

I have adapted these 5 statements from my mentors at www.9starki.com

1) I am making order out of chaos.
2) I am supporting organizations that are constructive.
3) I am joyfully creative.
4) I am lending a helping hand.
5) I am stopping and smelling  the roses.

A few General Feng Shui tips for this year: 

  • Place something beautiful around you wherever you are. 
  • Make your kitchen a beautiful, well organized place.  Bless your food. Stay happy while preparing.  Place something yellow in the center of the table to help nourish and bring happiness to your meals.
  • Notice the quality of sound in your home and what those sounds are.  Bring joyful, peaceful and happy sounds to support you.  Sing more, use your voice.
  • Take time each day to organize your day and your thoughts, write a list and choose the 1 thing in each category of home, love, career, community that you can do or work toward.
  • Organize one drawer a day.  Check out my Clear Your Clutter program if you’d like to have a plan of your own or hire a professional organizer, or call the “Jurassic Junk” or “Got Junk” folks.  Having someone help you rid or recycle items helps take the pressure off so you can celebrate in style.

Better than Chocolate

Knowing your personal feng shui energy (and that of your family or coworkers) you can know exactly how this year will impact you and your future and learn how to arrange your spaces to make it easy to stay happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.   Connect with me to have your personal Feng Shui Report  at info@designandfengshui.com