Feng Shui Lesson of 5″ Heels — SCORE your home and Man Up

Beautiful! The signature Red sole of Christian Louboutin shoes. Whenever I put a High Priority (!) note on my emails, I always giggle that it's my high-heeled Christian Louboutin foot stomp foot print.

Seriously.  This gets filed in the ‘Everything Matters’ folder.  On a recent trip to DC, I encountered a sight that stopped me in my tracks.  (See the last photo this post).  Apparently, a whole bunch of loving and concerned men would be “Walking a Mile” in our shoes on October 1, 2011 in support of Heartly House.

I was moved to tears of appreciation for the discomfort that we sometimes endure to make a deal for some intangible result: safety, attention, enjoyment.   It’s not the deal making that’s bad by any means.  Wearing 5″ heels is fun, sitting in a really beautiful chair and realizing it hurts is time to move on.  It’s when we don’t realize that we are making an exchange of our life force or we allow ourselves to go numb to the loss of health, or are required to sit in uncomfortable chairs or spaces with no windows or fresh air for long periods of time, that we lose our connection to health, wealth and happiness.

Stomp! Putting my High Heeled Foot Down ala Christian Louboutin

When I teach courses in Feng Shui, I teach about the layers of energy.  Feng Shui is basic and practical or it wouldn’t have relevance to major Multi-national Corporations such as Donald Trump, Rupert Murdock, Citicorp, Disney and others.

The first layer that we need to address is the one I call SCORE™.   In order for a space to begin to have nourishing energy it has to be:  Safe, Comfortable, Organized, Refreshed & Express YOU.

#1  ! SAFE:  it has to BE safe, FEEL safe and be perceived as safe, to live and be your true self.  If you see broken steps leading to your front door, slippery sidewalks (or even a floor that looks slippery, like highly polished marble) our bodies are automatically on guard, we are tense and focused on staying upright, not falling where we can’t get up.

There are women who don’t feel safe in their homes (men too, but this post is about all this other stuff).  When we don’t feel safe to be who we are, express who we are, and love how we love, we give away our souls.

This caught my eye--first I saw the sign, then thought, "nice shoes" then saw the man attached to them and did a double take. It worked! "I'll Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" support for Heartly House. Visit Heartly House on Facebook for more people willing to MAN UP!

If you don’t feel safe in your home, it is time to realize that you deserve to.  Start where you can, make the spaces around you feel safe to you, look safe and then the outside will start to impact the inside and you’ll feel more nourished and powerful.   It will take some work, some decisions, but now is the time to do it…take care of YOU.

Visit and support Heartly House or support healthy, loving homes however you can…sometimes the cost is to PAY ATTENTION.