Feng Shui for Budget Success

Today I gasped in horror, when I realized that as I cleaned I was robbing myself of money.  I was moving “shoebox accounting” of receipts around the house as I cleaned.

Ziploc bag of receipts
Now this is not a ‘bad’ way to keep track of receipts: a Ziploc bag marked properly, but still, I didn’t want this negatively impacting my wealth of all sorts and I know that it can. Photo courtesy of BloomsnBugs

This is NOT great Feng Shui: a bag of random, unorganized receipts that kept ending up in the Wealth corner of every room I tried to place them.

I noted this, looked across the room to the “Accountability” corner to see what was there…yikes! It’s become a stopping point, all cluttered with winter clothing and things to be donated. Let’s shift that before it becomes a block.

Because life moves, and we move things…those things sometimes get moved to places where it’s not long before they have a direct (and negative) impact on our lives.  Being a Feng Shui expert simply means, I notice it sooner and make changes — it’s my goal to help you do the same.

Wealth Management

There comes a time when we are ready for more money, more life, more fun and the one way to do that is to take charge of our money.  Getting serious about a budget, estate planning, and the flow of wealth into our lives can be made much easier if we look at our spaces to make sure they support us.  Taking care with our money is as important as taking care of our pets and our plants, they depend on our awareness and vigilance.

3 things to allow your house help you budget better:

1.)  Organize your wealth corners (your property, your home, each room all have their own bagua).  What’s there or is this area ‘missing’ from your spaces? Remove the clutter and make it feel upward moving, wealthy and beautiful.  If there’s a bathroom in that area, bring in some light green, light blue, vertical stripes to match your décor and make it clean and organized.  Remove all those things you don’t love or use, especially anything that is older than 90 days.  On your desk, place a beautiful, healthy plant or fresh flowers, the largest money you can find or a check to yourself in the amount of one month’s expenditures (include the fun you’d like to have).3 Things to Feng Shui your Budget

2.) Look at your Helpful People area of each room.  Make sure these areas are open, fresh and organized.  If there is a water room (kitchen, laundry, bathroom) in this area, add some extra “Metal” energy in the form of round or oval shapes and décor items, images of the “Helpful People” in your life (mentors, community, teachers, spiritual guides, etc.).   Many of us have a garage in this and the next space, make sure it’s clear, organized, clean and that your car(s) are clean and working perfectly too.  Clear and keep clear between 1/3 and 1/4 of the space in the drawers of your desk in this area, remove and archive files you don’t use daily, place new files marked “Perfect Client #1, #2” and so on.  (If you build it, they will come.)

3.) Look to the Wisdom and Knowledge areas of your spaces.  Knowing we are inherently deserving of our own very best and why, makes it easier to give to ourselves first, time, energy, clarity and money.  When we know clearly what is important to us,  and knowing how to invest in ourselves, budgeting becomes a snap.  Keep this area soft, quiet, almost sacred.  Add things here that are grounding to you, but keep it clean, fresh and organized.  The natural feel of this space is one of a library or a meeting with your advisors and teachers, one where you’ll open your mind and allow wisdom to pour into your being.  If Water is located here, use extra “earth” energy:  colors from light yellow to cocoa, even deep green, square or rectangular shapes, a few rocks nicely arranged, a citrine quartz crystal, or other representations of Earth energy.

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