Don’t Love Your Career? How to Find the One that Lifts Your Heart

Discover Your Strengths and Live the Career You Were Made For

If you aren’t happy in your current career or job it is probably because you aren’t using your YOU-ness.  You see, we each have things about us that are a unique–and valuable–blend.  These things are what we are supposed to be, supposed to be using and contributing.  They are your strengths and they become jet fuel to your happy work, career and relationships.  If you don’t know WHO you are and your strengths, you are setting yourself up for more heartache, less work, lower pay, struggle and well, the downward spiral to a life unlived.   [PS: I think this test should be standard before kids go off to college or even sooner!]

This summer we have a tremendous opportunity to use the power of Summer and get some pretty significant Career building energy.  Taking a few simple steps can have you riding the wave of joyful work and a happy heart.

Here are the steps I recommend:

  1. Take the Strengths Finder 2.0 Test.  I love it and you will too.  Go to this link and buy the book.  Write down the special activation code in the back and then throw the book away.   (Sort of kidding, compared to the personal report at the end of the test the book is just a calling card.)

    I LOVE, LOVE This Test. It’s  for everyone and anyone wanting to know their strengths and how to use them in a career that fuels your heart and thereby, your wealth!
  2. Set aside 45 minutes of uninterrupted, dedicated time to take the test. You don’t have to study for this one but you do need to be clear and available…taking a test like this can challenge parts of you that have been hiding for a while and don’t want to be exposed for whatever reason.  Talk to those little parts and tell them you love them and now it’s time to come out and play!

Test taking tips:

  • Take care of your body and brain.  Find your most alert time of the day and set it up so that you are showered, exercised, have enough protein and water to hydrate yourself.  Drink water each 10-15 minutes because thinking uses up a lot of energy and staying hydrated helps to keep you fresh and alert and you won’t get a dehydration headache that could thwart your good efforts.
  • Smile.  Smiling reduces stress and when we are stressed, our body goes into flight, fight or freeze mode to keep us safe.  This animalistic instinct shuts down our higher order thinking capacity and we can’t be creative or access our brilliant test taking selves.
  • Give it over.  When doing something stressful, ask the parts of you that already know the answers to come to your aid.  Those parts would be your intuition, your gut response, your first answer.  It is said that our bodies are recording every single thing that we go through or that we learn and with hypnosis it has been proven that the smallest details are recorded by our subconscious and available to us.  If  ever you even heard the right answer, even if you weren’t paying attention, you have it in your subconscious.  Write down the first answer you come up with, then ‘do the math’ and see if they match up.  If you don’t logically know the ‘right’ answer, your first instinct–softly told to you by the small little nudging voice–is often the right one.  Many more times you will be right on.
  • Expect to do well and you will.  This doesn’t mean don’t study or prepare, that’s a given.  But if you have the attitude that you will expect to do well, your subconscious–which is like our own personal butler—will bring to you what you think about.  Think about success and you’ll get it on a silver platter—as long as you continue to take the next best step.
  • Think beyond the event.   If you focus on the stress of the event, say, the test, your body ‘zooms in’ to make it a MOMENT…sort of like the movies do—the music rises, the lights  focus directly on the scene, things around the subject dim, the tension builds and builds.  You can take the energy OUT of that stress scene by imagining what you will do when the test is over and looking forward to the a fun thing you’ll do next.  Doing this will change your life from a series of stressful times into a life of beautiful moments.
  • Breathe Breathing changes your physiology.  It increases the pH and by doing so allows your muscles to relax.  Breathing well, from your belly, means your bones do not have to donate calcium to keep your blood alkaline enough to help your immune system ward of illness–and it helps you think better.

3. Print Your Strength Finders Report.  It is amazing!  I have seen and taken many tests and paid up to a thousand dollars for career strengths evaluations and none have given me what this test did.

4. Save the test and refer to it often to remind yourself just how great you are.

5. Get a personal mini-astrology career reading from Simone Butler at   Simone will tell you how the energy upcoming is going to impact your career and what you can do about it.  She’ll do a special ‘mini-astro’ reading for you for $35 and give you another perspective on timing and your career.  I have asked Simone to do this as a special favor to me, so be sure to mention that ‘Fawn sent you’.  Let me know how you like it.  She’s helped me zoom out and get some breathing room when I needed a road map.  (Literally! that’s how I ended up in Sunny California…more on that later.)

6. Discover Your Energy and Your Best Timing: Go to the free Feng Shui Calculator to discover your Feng Shui energy and to learn which colors, shapes, placement and people drain you or support you.  Nine Star Ki also gives input as to the year’s energy for you.  Many of my clients ask me for this update yearly to help them determine when to move, when to stay put, when to gather information and financial support and when to burst out of the gate on their new venture.  Let me know if you’d like your personal yearly energy report.

7. Call or email me to get your home and office set up so that you can more easily get the knowledge you need to develop your strengths, find the resources and people you need to move gracefully into your Heart’s Desire, and be a shining glowing beacon of YOU-ism that people flock to so that they can give you money just for doing what you do best.

This is one step that you’ll not want to miss because it is all about YOU!  Without you on the planet, showing up for the greatness you are, things just aren’t as good as they can be.