Benefit from Exciting Energy on this New Moon 2/21/2012

Energy is always changing.  As the Moon’s phases control the Tides, it’s not a stretch to see that our bodies, composed of mostly water, feel the effects of the Moon’s cycles.  As Everything is Interconnected, our life, our emotions, our choices are often influenced by the unseen energies around us, very much including the cycles of the Moon.  Every 28 days we experience a New Moon and 14 days after that a Full Moon.

Young Moon over the Temple of Poseidon at 23h after New Moon. Appropriate because this New Moon is a watery one that will have a tendency to bring up emotions and issues from the depths of our beings and our pasts. "Better out than in!" Be joyful, be loving with yourself and others and go with the flow.

In precisely the way the moon affects crops, it affects our bodies; We can learn to use the rise and fall of the tides within us to make positive changes in our lives.

Biodynamic Gardening is a method to grow healthy food in harmony with rhythms of earth and our bodies. I was very excited to tour Southbrook Winery, Biodynamic Winery in Niagara on the Lake, ON. I experienced delicious wines with a beautiful peacefulness about them, in a Gold LEED certified pavilion., the exterior color was actually the color of the sky, it captured my heart. "Biodynamic theory holds that just as the moon influences our tides, it influences the growth of plants. The basic idea is that from the new moon to the full moon is the ideal time to sow seeds, transplant, bud and graft. And from the full moon to the new moon is when it is best to weed, harvest, reap, plow, and cultivate."

What is so exciting?

Each new moon has different energy and Feb 21’s New Moon (3:37 pm ET) brings us the opportunity (wanted or not) to clear out the ‘dirty laundry’ in our lives and within our beings to make more room for love in our lives.   Being in the Sign of Pisces, the Fish, this New Moon favors spiritual activity, compassionate service, healing of self and others, swimming, walkabouts, and love for self and others! It will also have the potential to bring deep spiritual connection if we chose to face the truth of our being:  we are beautiful and can make mistakes. 

Here are some of the things that I do to use the positive, growth energy of a New Moon:

  • Take some time to sit in quiet connection with Nature.
  • I always do some house cleaning, physical and emotional.  As I clean, I am vigilant about my thoughts and program my thoughts and feelings.  I make certain the energy I am experiencing is one of gratitude and happiness.  For instance, as I clean a window, ‘I see clearly all in my life that is good and all that needs to be healed,’  as I do laundry: ‘I put love into each fiber for happiness, creativity and good experiences,’ and so on.  This is true alchemy as I have seen powerful and positive results for me and my sons.
  • I do a Space Clearing of my home.  This doesn’t have to be elaborate but it can be. A Space Clearing can be done as easily as clapping your hands, ringing a chime or burning sage, rosemary and thyme to purify the energy.  I always focus on filling the space with Light, Love and Trust.
  • I take a sea salt or Epsom salt bath or shower.  (Shower: rub the salts on your body and allow the salt water to pool around your ankles if possible.)  This helps to clear the energy field, much as if you were taking a swim in the ocean.
  • Technically the Full Moon is related to releasing but I find that in order to make room for the new, I move out the old.  I release everything that doesn’t align with my dreams of what I want for my life…it takes some clarity but you can do this too.  Release stress, anger, I even released having an opinion about things that were taking my attention from my dreams–this was so freeing.
  • I make sure that we all go to bed in fresh linens, sweep the front walk, clean out all the extra mail, clean out my refrigerator, clean windows and mirrors and open the windows (even if it’s a bit cold outside, just a little fresh air helps a lot) to let fresh air move through my home. (A water feature that moves and bounces water will do a similar thing to get fresh negative ions into the atmosphere…even turning on the faucet will help.)
  • Each new moon I make a list of things and dreams that need new energy, new beginnings.

This New Moon: Look at your dreams

What are your dreams, for your life?  How big is the gap between what you dream about and the reality you see around you?  If there is a gap, Doreen Virtue recommends, “use that energy of the, say, disappointment that you have to go to this job instead of your dream job, or the relationship you are in that isn’t fulfilling, your home, your health, etc.–use that energy as a catalyst to make positive changes.”

What are your dreams at night?  Before I go to sleep at night, I use this trick I learned from Stuart Wilde:  rewind your day as though it was a video and you are going backwards through everything.  This little exercise helps your brain process the information of the day without judgement and by doing this, I have a deeper sleep and any dreams I do have usually connect me with my inner guidance.

Every day is a new beginning

Not only at New Moons or New Years, but every day we are able to make a new beginning for ourselves. Each morning you wake up, you set the tone for the day by what you think about.  Why not send positive thoughts ahead of you into each situation and expect goodness for yourself and you will find it.