Before Nov 13: Clear Your Home & Office, Release the Past & Push Forward

“Decision is the most powerful force in the Universe.”  Stuart Wilde

Take steps to move yourself Forward Now!

It’s time to get real…many of us have been faced with devastation but also the opportunity to pick up the pieces of what we used to know and love that have changed and learn to move on as hard as that is.  Grief and forgiveness come in their own time, but we can use all our resources to , heal our wounds, bury the past and envision and move toward our brighter future.

Now is the time to make a big push forward for what you want to accomplish in your life.

Important Feng Shui Weather Watch

The Nov. 13 New Moon solar eclipse (2:08 p.m. PST) is a powerful time that we may take the chance  to reflect on the past and retrieve what’s most valuable.   Because the eclipse falls during Mercury retrograde (Nov. 6 – 26), we may need to experience grief and loss in order to let go of what no longer serves us or our lives as we live them from our heart and soul.

On November 13, take time to make yourself a ritual to bury the past and allow your new life to begin.  Sit quietly, reflect, grieve the losses of expectations that weren’t aligned with your heart’s desires (if they were you would still be living them) and look forward to what it is that comes from your heart and joy.  Ritual is important as it engages your physical nature,  focuses your attention and energy follows action.  You are the power in your life and when you set specific time aside, engage your focus and use scent, sound, motion and attention, you create the magic in your life.

It doesn’t have to be hard, just stay focused.

1. Decide what you want and where your heart is the lightest.  When your heart is happy, you are aligned with your gifts, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.  Follow your heart and learn how to arrange your home and office to support that desire.  When you do, you can’t go wrong and will be living your full wealth, health and happiness sooner than you can say Feng Shui.

2. Release the Past —  If you keep thinking about something in your past, or mentally trying to solve an old situation, you aren’t opening yourself to the power of planning your future.  Believe it or not, you can’t go back; but you can let it go, give it permission to die, bury the past and take only from it what you have learned to use in your new and fantastic future.

3. Clear all clutter:  in your office, in your home, your thoughts (just stop thinking limiting thoughts and when you catch yourself, give yourself a ‘high-five’ and think about where you want to be in 6 months), your emotions (guilt is a waste of time, and so is regret…vow to spend 5 seconds to acknowledge why you feel that way and then ask yourself–and anyone else involved–what can I do better next time? — this little step will open you up for more love and the flow of more abundance into your life.)

3.  Clear and enhance your Wealth area–Making your spaces reflect the joy you want to create is easy with Feng Shui.  Color, shape, item and placement all matter.  Clearing and adding things that make you feel wealthy are a significant statement that makes a tremendous difference in your ability to create what you want.   To find your Wealth Gua: look to the farthest left hand corner of your spaces, every room, your home and your office.  After you have cleared and cleaned it, add something beautiful there reminding you of the constant support you have coming to you.  Add something red, purple, gold, a soft or rounded-leaf plant, something that makes you feel wealthy and you can write a letter to your invisible support system, in gratitude for all you have received and all you are receiving.  Tip:  Write this letter as though you have already received what it is that you are now ‘wanting’.  For instance: “Thank you for the 12 new clients that engaged with me this month to help them recieve more wealth.  Thank you for the (money, love, joy, relationship harmony, help with your business, ease in regaining full health) that I have recieved this month, November 2012. Thank you!”

4. Take the Webinars that I am offering this month:

5.  Decide and Push ON!  Get some coaching and talk to someone who can show you how.  You may have heard that your time is your most valuable asset.  Learn to use the resources available and delegate that which you have been struggling with.  I know that the reason we don’t do something is that we just don’t know how to start, plan, go about it, or finish.  Learn how to Clear Your Clutter and get your own plan for success.  Feng Shui Coaching for success in all aspects of your life.  Contact Fawn

Astrology can give you special insight 

I love to get a snapshot reading from Astrologer Simone Butler when she offers them.  Through it I have gained validation and wisdom that helps me prioritize my energy, time and efforts.  Simone says, “The house of your chart containing 22 Scorpio reveals the area of life in which you’re laboring, and about to deliver the final push. For clues, look to where you feel the strongest sense of stuckness or urgency. Contact Simone Butler for a Snapshot reading via email ($35) if you need help figuring out what house or planets are being activated, and how best to work with the energies.