Be Powerful in Your Cubicle (or office, desk, car, etc.)

Hate your work?  Too tired to sleep?


What if, with a few simple changes in your work environment, you could guarantee that you are more productive, more joyful, living your life’s purpose, healthier and wealthier?  Would you care? Would it be okay with you if things were easy and good things came to you?

There are two places that you spend nearly 2/3 of your life.  They are so powerful and affect you so directly that it can cause wealth or cause cancer (okay, that was a little drastic but it’s one end of the spectrum).    

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life in your bedroom and 1/3 of your day in your office (or at work).  Can you imagine sleeping so soundly and peacefully that when you awaken you are rested, healthy and eager to get out of bed each day and do some really great ‘work’. 

Imagine looking forward to being at work, surrounded by unconditional support, excitement, a ‘can do anything’ attitude that supports your life on purpose.  If you are not waking up joyful and excited to begin each day and head off to work, chances are your spaces aren’t supporting you and your passionate life

If you hate your work or are too tired to sleep the answer to that problem may be simpler than you think.  Don’t worry about changing jobs or moving just now.  Make a few changes to your space and the solutions will present themselves, either you will begin to love your work, or ‘out of the blue’ another opportunity will come to you.  And before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” you’ll begin to sleep better, deeper, feel healthier and more alive…if you are open to it.

Here are the steps:

The highest priority is to Be Happy.    That’s easier said than done and making simple shifts to your space can help get you to “happy” and completely change your life, if you let it.

Decor Rules?
Many businesses rules about how much “personal stuff” you can have in your cubicle.  This is really where Feng Shui comes in to help you reorganize your space.  Make it clean, subtly place things that make you smile, even if it’s the way you arrange your paperclips.  A giggle is good.

Remember, it IS their business and they have contracted with you to help THEM.  It’s not necessarily a two-way street.  If you can realize that, you will once again own your power–try it now:  I allow today to be just as it is, and I made a choice to be here today.     and renew your ‘choice’ to be there.  ability to respond to yourself.   Employers need to maintain control and some use décor and branding to create a coherant experience, for themselves, their employees and their customers.  They need to remind everyone of the mission of the company.  Don’t fret.  You can still be in control of your life.

When you take a paycheck, you are making a deal: your time in exchange for an opportunity.  Once you get on board with that you can feel once again in control of your own life.  Compromising is okay as long as you are aware of when it’s too much and take steps to handle it.  If you feel like you are in slavery, you are giving up your will.

 When you see that it is YOU who makes the choice to be in this job while you make plans for your next step, you own your own life once again.   Smile!