Artful Expression: Vibrant Color and Pattern Popular 2013/14

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The  2013/14 Artful  Expression  palette  is  pure  energy and an  eclectic  mix  of  traditional,  contemporary,  and multi-­‐cultural    references  in  bold  and  dynamic  palettes  and  prints….

Color and trend forecasting is big business.  Forecasters reference global zeitgeist in social, cultural, economic needs sometimes 5 years out.  This information helps manufacturers meet the needs that we’ll all be feeling.

As you may know, color is one of those intangibles that not only drive each of us to make a purchase but will deeply answer a true emotional need within us based on who we are and what we are experiencing in our lives.

The person who wants to Live Out Loud will love this color & design trend. Pattern-compulsive, color obsessed with a flare for vintage and cultural references, bold mixes are haphazard yet artful

One of 5 core themes identified by PPG Pittsburgh/Porter Paints  Global Color team as being the colors and design cues that we’ll be wanting to surround ourselves with and begin to see across multiple industries.

The other 4:

Every Day Hero – which portrays the design aesthetic of a low key, eco-friendly hipster with a penchant for smart, functional basics….

Illusion – a playful theme of fantasy – some childlike, some a bit more dark and dramatic…

[discreet] Luxury is a contemporary classic take on design that embraces both masculine and feminine ideals…

Modernist Tech is pared down and fashionable with the added appeal of futuristic-technology.

Color trenders explore the needs of a variety of lifestyles and each particular character, and understand the color palette and design details unique to each; details and colors that are interpreted across industries:  home furnishings, automotive, tech products, architecture, and more.

The Palette: Vibrant mid-­‐tones and amped brights from the full color spectrum work in powerful combinations. Hybrid hues of acidic yellow greens, petrol green-­‐blues, red-­‐infused orange shades and purpled-­‐reds suggest a range of hues in constant Flux.

The living  space  for  the  Artful  Expression  theme has either a mildly  bohemian  take  on  transitional  styling or leaves transitional  styling  behind to offer  a  look  that  is  much  more  contemporary. Either way, sunny  yellows  and  soft    melon  orange  hues  pair  with  craft  browns  to  create  an  earthy  and  optimistic  vibe amped up with geometric patterns and striking colorways.

Returning  to  the    bohemian  art  spirit,  this  look  plays  up  some  of  the  70s  era  references.     String  art,  crochet  references  for home  furnishings,  and  hand   made  pottery  all  give  this  environment  a  touch  of  hippy-­‐ commune  living.  Patterned  wall  tiles  returning  to  other  areas  of  the  home,  free  of  being limited  to  bathrooms  and  bedrooms.  Wicker,  wire,  and  knit  open  work  create  an  artistic  spirit,  but  are  kept  fresh  and    contemporary  when  paired  with  masses  of  white.

The  artful  kitchen  does  not  shy  away  from    color,  and  this  year  we  see  more  and  more  brands    embracing  bold  color  stories  for  big  ticket  kitchen  items  -­‐    suggesting  that  consumers  are  becoming    more  open  to  color  long  term.  Rich  oranges,  greens,  blues  and  yellow  work  together  to  create  the    perfect  eclectic  ensemble.

For  kids  rooms,  the  First    Artful  Expression  direction  is  great  for  boys  and  girls  in  the  3  -­‐7    range.      Transformable  and  interactive  furniture  encourages  engagement  and  helps  improve  navigational  and    manual  dexterity  skills.

For the  outdoor  space,    creating    a   sense  of    Bohemia  from    an  almost  monochromatic  range  of  beige-­‐y    browns.     Rope  seating,  basket  weaves,    and  crochet  mats  all  serve  to  complete  this  look — surprisingly,  the  bolder  colorations  shown  here  are  the  more  contemporary  option  for  outdoor.

This trend  is  really  all  about  intense  color  weaves  in  grid-­‐like    patterns,  paired  with  graphic  geometric    prints  and  patterns.  Melon  oranges  and  tangy  yellow-­‐greens    are  essential,    as    is   open   work.

Join me on Houzz with Exciting Colors! to view more beautiful rooms in the Artistic Expression Design & Color Trend for 2013/14.

The more vibrant colorways of Artistic Expression allows for bold color and pattern in a bohemian take on transitional styling.  We’d love to credit this designer — if you know who did this room please email us.
Softer colors, yet still inspired by pattern, this transitional take on Artistic Expression allows color to enliven even the most sophisticated spaces.
We’d love to credit this designer — if you know who did this room please email us.