2012 Update on Year of the Water Dragon

Has your year been one of ups and downs?  Great gobs of energy and then the let down and concern of what’s around the corner? Like a roller coaster?  Yep, it’s the year of the Dragon…welcome!

2012  Up and Down, Brilliant and Hidden, it’s a roller coaster ride. Balance? Just breathe and ride the roller coaster. Check out this site for a roller coaster picture that may frighten or delight you!  http://hovercraftdoggy.com/2012/06/20/fun-times-ahead/

You are not alone because we are all experiencing the energy of the Year of the Dragon.  Hold steady, stay focused and breathe.  Great goodness can occur but discernment is necessary, because when you are moving fast, you need to be true to your own heart, and you’ll be guided in your right direction.

 The Year of the Water Dragon is grand, lucky and a “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” in a lot of ways.  The Chinese have a saying:  The bigger the front, the bigger the back” meaning there is always balance.  If something is very lucky, it can also be very unlucky if you are not paying attention to details.  Use caution this year as things may not be what they seem:  do your homework before committing yourself to an endeavor whether it is your time, money or a vote.

Tip:  Take care with emotions, be alert around water and make sure that your water systems, especially those underground, are cared for and tended to promptly.  Watch for fast moving energy this summer–be discerning, check details, and for Heaven’s sake: check in with your heart and ‘gut’ for real guidance.

Lions, and Tigers and Bears? We are not in Kansas anymore

The Chinese have tracked the cycles of life for thousands of years.  Many systems evolved and much of it has amazing relevance to our lives today.

More than just fun restaurant place mat graphics, the 60-year cycle of energy is pretty interesting.  Having taught elementary school, I delighted to watch each 1st  through 8th grade change each year and I noted the differences in the behaviors of the children as a collective. For instance, 1992 saw the birth of the class of 2010: born in the Year of the Monkey those kids were bright, ornery, clever, social, fun loving and huggable; the classroom was bubbling.  The class of 2009 was mostly born in the year of the Ram (or Goat) and those children were more quiet, internally focused, stubborn, serious and methodical. It was uncanny how the Chinese were able to see this.  If I hadn’t seen it myself, in the collective of hundreds of children from different backgrounds, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Each of the 12 Animals cycles through each of the 5 “Elements” of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, coloring the energy of the year just a bit to reflect how we experience Fire (brilliant, expanding, and energized), Earth (grounding, solid, detail oriented), Metal (clear, sharp and accountable), Water (deep, emotional, flexible, but a bit dangerous) and Wood (independent, idealistic, the force of Spring and Thunder). This creates a 60-year cycle which, according to the Chinese makes your 60th birthday a special celebration!

2012: Year of the Water Dragon

In the West, our association with “the Dragon” terrorizes us or give us something to slay; In the East, Dragons are revered as the powerful, benevolent energy of Mother Nature herself.  In fact, the personal power position in Feng Shui is called “Belly of the Dragon” where you are embraced and protected. (See article on The Power Position.)

This year of the Water Dragon, we may also finding ourselves needing to be a bit more easy with ourselves and those around us due to global stresses, the potential stress of the US Presidential Election and the “2012” predictions for the “end of the world as we know it”…which may be a good thing after all.    The Year of the Dragon promises change, not always the change we want but it will be change for the better in the end.

 That’s the promise of the Dragon, larger than life, you can’t see the front and the end at the same time, things will be forceful, dramatic and auspicious but the caution is to be aware of your emotions, be aware of the deep underlying issues, and diligent knowing that things may not be as they seem.  It is important to take special care with water around your home and office; investigate and quickly remedy any problems, especially water underground.

Check out this image that came to my inbox yesterday:  let me know what you think.  I love this website and the images they post…http://hovercraftdoggy.com/2012/06/20/fun-times-ahead/

We are already on the ride, may as well enjoy it!