2 Ways, One Easy Answer to Change Our World, Starting July 16

Our world today is very exciting, fun, busy and loud.  And also filled with stress.  Sometimes we seem to feed on it, but mostly it feeds.  Stress is responsible for all manner of illness and social mahem including road rage, abuse, chaos, drama, illness, even death for ourselves and our children.

There is one answer, available right now.  Documents, proven, guaranteed results.  The results of these programs are staggering, simple and very exciting.

FOR KIDS  (in schools) and FOR ADULTS  (21-day Chopra Center Meditation–Free–Join Us)

Lives of children and faculty have been changed and documented by the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education.  (See Statistic Graphics Below)

“The Quiet Time program is a high impact stress reduction and readiness-to-learn program. It enhances the healthy development of students and faculty by creating more balance in their lives.

Designed for grades 5 through 12, Quiet Time is a school-wide program that provides students two restful 15-minute periods each day to reduce stress and promote life balance.

  • During Quiet Time, the students have the option to meditate or do another quiet, relaxing activity like sustained silent reading.
  • Student benefits include improved health, reduced violence, increased focus, better academic performance, and strengthened self-concept. (See Research)
  • Faculty and staff also have the opportunity to learn and practice meditation as a stress management tool to reduce burn-out and improve teacher-student relationships.

Quiet Time was launched at San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley Middle School in 2007. The program has dramatically reduced school stress and helped create a positive learning environment. Now the program has started at 3 other schools in the San Francisco district and more than 10 additional schools in the Bay Area are on a waiting list.

You Don’t Have To Wait 

The Chopra Center does a 21 Day Meditation Challenge each season, click on the link to find out more and by the way, it’s free!

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Here, by the way are some of the statistics for the School Quiet Time Program, as posted on the CWAE.org Website 


“This is published research showing a significant improvement in combined math and English standardized test scores in Quiet Time meditating students vs non-meditating students at the same middle school.
This change was after the first semester of implementation of the program. This change was seen in lower performing students—students scoring at the “Below Basic” or “Far Below Basic” levels on the standardized test.
Reference: Education 131: 556 – 565, 2011.”
“In a random assignment study of 134 administrators and teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District, the meditation group experienced significant reductions in depression, anxiety, and anger compared to the non-meditating controls.”
“Average daily attendance increased at both Visitacion Valley and Everett Middle Schools after the introduction of the Quiet Time program.”
Meditating students at John O’Connell High School experienced significant improvement in psychological state compared to their own baseline over a 7-month period.”